Describe a Positive Change in Your Life: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a positive change in your life. You should say:-

  • What was the difference?
  • When did it happen?
  • Describe details of the change that happened.
  • And describe how it affected you later in life.

Sample Answer of Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

In this case, I will talk about my growing up after graduation. I decided to get a high education in another city; therefore, I ought to move to the local dormitory, where I would live without my family’s help;

Since that time, I have been reincarnating as an adult person who must be reliable in any actions and words, thinking about raising money and sources for other life. I am grateful that I was given a chance to test my endurance.

If there were no equal checking, I would be unable to take responsibility for my future. Instead, I know how to lead a life and am not afraid of living alone.

I have experience with communication in various governmental bodies and clarified how I need to solve the issue. Or, purchasing clothes and shoes isn’t like a challenge because I had already raised money for that.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Question 1:- Do you think change is good?

Answer – All chances are good. There is like a competition for you, and the leading award is your mentally growing and increasing endurance level/ Without any movement, people would like to live in stagnation.

Question 2:- What are some significant changes that occur to people throughout their lives?

Answer – As I see it, significant changes happen after graduation because we need to decide about life’s carrier. It’s the central moment that will hugely influence one’s life. In addition, an equally significant change is getting married. I genuinely believe couples should seriously approach such a step because of the importance of official matrimony.

Question 3:- Is your country changing rapidly?

Answer – As for me, yes/ My Motherland tries to live according to modern society’s rules, and that’s why all generations need to be provided with every change that was happened to the country.

Question 4:- In what ways have changes in technology changed people’s lives?

Answer – To tell the truth, all kinds of technology are changed people’s lives in a good way. Actually, with the help of various machines and programs we make our work easier, having a rest is becoming more exciting. Therefore I would be so pleased to see technical progress.

Question 5:- Why do older adults not accept change?

Answer – Frankly speaking, everything depends on the person’s character traits. We are individuals. However, for the most part, pensioners do not want to waste their time sitting in front of a laptop and trying to figure out how this machine works.

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