Describe The Importance of Numbers in life

Describe The Importance of Numbers in life

  • What role does numeracy play in daily life?
  • Is it essential for everyone? 
  • In which areas are numbers used? 

Sample Answer of  Describe The Importance of Numbers in life

Well, numbers are very essential in our routine. We need it to make financial arrangements, calculate how many calories we have burnt or measure distance. I think it is necessary because, without the knowledge of   numbers, people lose their confidence and lag behind others.

Moreover, it is being used extensively at schools or work, in banks, and even in medical professions. For example, in hospitals, these are used for blood counts. So, every aspect of life is greatly influenced by numbers.

In addition,  In some cultures, numbers are used for exact timing to move to a new place or run a business, and it is seen that they are more successful in their life. The big scholars are earning huge amounts on the base of numbers, and people, in order to make their life luxurious, don’t hesitate to put all their eggs in one’s baskets.

Even the Britishers, when they developed Chandigarh, did not add one numeric 13. Apparent that It was considered a bad omen. Nowadays, students also focus more on dates and times to appear in some exams, such as IELTS. They think that they can crack it within their first attempt by selecting a particular date and time. So numbers play a vital role in everyone’s life.

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