Describe a Risk You have taken which had a positive result

Describe a Risk You have taken which had a positive result

You should say:

  • What it was?
  • Why you took it?
  • What the result was?
  • How did you felt about it?


    Sample Answer for Cue Card (Describe a Risk You have taken which had a positive result )

Our lives are full of risks sometimes, Some risks we take after knowing that its a risk, but some risks come suddenly and we take actions without knowing. Actually, the end result can be positive as well as negative. Now I’m going to talk about a risk I took about a year back.

1. What it was?

Last new year holiday I planned to go on a trip with 3 of my office friends to an area far away from our hometown. That area is full of rain forests, wildlife, and historic places and luckily we got a good hotel offer for the season. So we planned everything for about 2 weeks before the trip to make sure nothing will be missed. My three friends are also girls so we called this trip as an ” angels trip”, all our office staff also were well aware of this as we were planning it all the time.

2. Why you took it?

Everything went as we planned on the 1st day and we visited some of the historic places and had a hike as well. We went in my car and I was the driver for the entire trip. Our 1st-day visits were over around 6.00 pm and suddenly there was a huge rain and we had to wait in a cafe for one and a half hours. Around 7.40 pm we started to go to the hotel which we booked and the google map helped us to find the shortest way to go there in an hour. We were so tired by that time and in 15 mints we came to that road which showed on Google map. The road was fine at the beginning with houses beside and people were on the road. But when we drive more and more we felt that we are somewhere where there are more trees and no houses or people. The road was narrower than in the beginning, but luckily a man was cycling on to the other side. So we stopped and asked about the road from him and he said there won’t be a problem to go. We felt quite fine and continued, and according to the map, we will be at the hotel in just 20 mints.
3. What the result was?
 We got a bit scared as it was too dark and at the same time. There were no lights on the road and only trees and bushes. we found something blocking the narrow road in front of us and that was a wild elephant. We were shocked and I stopped the car and switched off the lights. We kept quiet for more than 30 mints till the elephant moved. That was so shocking as the elephant was not a small one and if it troubled us, there was no one to help even. Luckily he moved at the end and we had no option but to continue slowly expecting any attacks. I drove the car by my gut feeling as we all were shaking with fear at that time.
4. How did you felt about it?

Once we arrived at the hotel we told the manager about what happened and he said we had come through one of the biggest forests which had a lot of elephants and even bears. We thanked God. As we were safe, but until now we never told this to our parents.

follow-ups: for ( Describe a Risk You have taken which had a positive result )

1. Why do some people enjoy extreme sports?
It depends on the purpose. Some do extreme sports for money as a lot of money is involved in sports. Also for some people, sports come naturally or in a challenging way and sometimes they do it as a passion. So there can be various reasons.
2. Are action films popular in your country?
Yes, of course, especially Indian movies. They are most popular among the younger generation in my country and there are also incidents that have happened by trying to imitate them.
3. Do you think it is a good thing if a leader likes to take risks?
Of course, I strongly believe a leader should take risks and challenges as well. It’s always considered as a leadership skill. These leaders are very important for society as they always take responsibility for others.
4. Do you think men and women will make a different choice of risk-taking?
In the past, there was a difference that more men took risks than women, but nowadays there is no difference in the gender in risk-taking. Now women seem taking more risks than men at work as well as at home to have a balanced lifestyle

This is the cue-card ( Describe a Risk You have taken which had a positive result)
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3 thoughts on “Describe a Risk You have taken which had a positive result”

  1. parminder kaur

    Risk is part of life and everyone take risk for achieve success in their life because with risk people learn so many things. Here i would like to talk about a time i took a risk to drive car for the first time on a busy road.
    I learned driving from my father but before that day i never tried to drive car without him he always sat adjacent to insure my safety but after 3 weeks of practice my father adviced me to drive alone. It was not easy for me because heavy traffic on road it was my last lesson of driving but i was afraid for my solo drive. I read many drastic accident in the newspaper about beginners who learned driving and went on the road for first time i had to kill that fear from my mind. I really wanted to learn so that i can drive four wheeler property in my future as all my friends have their own vehicle so decided to take risk but calculated risk. I decided that i will not hurry in the road then i drove my car by myself i reached into the main market where everybody was honking the horns of their vehicles my hands and legs were shaking as i was along there. I got stuck between the market, i was not able to got out of it and everybody was yelling at me to move the car. I took a deep breath and somehow i managen to move out of the busy market. That was my first experience of driving alone. I was afraid but i managed to handle myself that incident really boosted my confident. After an hour of solo drove on busy roads, flyover I reached home. I told my father about my experience it felt great as it was an overwhelming experience the risk i took was worthfull.

  2. gurvinder singh

    Well, willingly or unwillingly people encounters risks in life. Some time risk can take the life of a person, while some make the life of a person prosperous. Similarly happened with me when I took risk by enrolling myself in doing post graduate in education. This was risky because I could not have spare time for study because of fulltime worker. So, all my family members were totally against my decision. I took this decision to seek my greener pasture as by doing this course I can get a permanent job and ofcourse, it has been my dream to get a permanent job I burnt midnight oil and the result of my effort was unbelievable. I came –off with flying colors and everybody was appreciating me for my decision. I felt proud on myself and thought that if I had not taken decision to do this course, I could not have a life as I am leading now. So, one must take risk, if one is opportunistic and has eagerness to fulfill his/her dreams.

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