Describe a situation when you did not have enough time

Describe a situation when you did not have enough time

You should say:

  • When it was?

  • What were you trying to do?

  • explain it briefly.

 Sample 1:-

well, I am a student and I always indulge in my studies from morning to evening. I do not have enough time to do other activities due to a busier schedule. And here I would like to talk about a time when I took a decision quickly because of the shortage of time.

Once upon a time, My father had organized the birthday party for my mother on her birthday. It was a surprise party for her. My father distributed all the tasks in us which were related to the party. We together did each and every work with love.

On the day of my mother’s birthday, No one wished her and all the persons did their works as they do in daily routine. Even that  I did not wish my loving mom. My mother was looking astounded. She managed the whole house and did domestic works such as cooking the food, cleaning the house, watering to the plants in the kitchen garden and so on. But  I and my brother went on the roof of my home and organized a party for my mother.

I was highly elated at that time and in the evening, my father asked me about the birthday cake for my mom. But I was shocked that I did not order a cake. I was feeling too worried because, in just 40 minutes, we were going to give a surprise to my mother.


Lovingly by the grace of God, I have good culinary skills which I learned from my loving mom. My brother took my mother outside the house by making an excuse. So, I started cooking a cake in the oven. I did not have enough time on that day. I cooked it immediately. It was a fruit cake. Then, I did creaming on it.

Then, my mother and brother came back home. My father took her to the rooftop of my home where we did preparation for her birthday party. My mom felt astonished by seeing it. After then, we wished her again and again. She cut the cake which I cooked for her. She ate it and admired it. She asked who has cooked this cake? I replied to her that I had made it. Then, she felt immensely glad and kissed my forehead.

All in all, I had cooked a cake for my mom in just a short time. That was a gala day for me because my mom appreciated me. A smile on her face, made my day. I was speechless at that time. I felt on the ninth cloud on that occasion.

Sample 2:-

Well, One thing that is very bad in me is my habit of procrastination. I keep putting off things till the 11th hour. So, because of this, often I landed up in situations when I don’t have enough time to do things. Here, I would like to talk about a time when I was in secondary school. I had my finals of senior secondary in March. So, I had reserved the month of February for preparations.

Furthermore, I just took things lightly. Because I was confident that one month would be enough for me to do well because I had been fairly regular until my pre-boards. In January my paternal uncle came from Canada for his dental checkup. Dental treatment is very expensive in Canada. And he had a lot of problems.

Moreover, whenever he comes, he stays with us. He went for his checkup the very next day. Unfortunately, he had suffered from a serious dental problem. So, he had to receive radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well and he had to stay with us for 40 days.

In addition, I had to help my mother and father had to take care of him was more important than anything else. So, I didn’t have any time for studying. I vividly remember, I was studying till late at night and sometimes had to get up very early in the mornings. But I couldn’t do that just as I much intended to.

Then, I caught a good lesson that we shouldn’t put off doing things unnecessarily for the last minute. And It is always better to be more organized because the future is not predictable. So, we should manage our time effectively.


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