Describe a Skill that You Learned from Older People

Describe a skill that you learned from older people; You should say:

  • What is the skill?
  • Who did you learn it from?
  • How did you learn it?
  • And how do you feel about it?

Sample 1

Actually, I guess older people are like a house of knowledge and role models, and there are so many things that we could learn from them. Older people can teach young people in a great way since they are really patient. Today I would like to talk about the skill of knitting that I have learnt from my grandmother. Actually, my grandma, who is about 70 years of age now, has spent most of his life doing crafting. Since we have a new house now, she spends most of his time enjoying knitting. It’s a fun activity that enables grandparents to connect with their grandchildren. Seeing her doing this activity made me feel interested, and I requested her to teach me how to deal with knitting. Now every evening, I spend an hour daily helping my grandma. I could say that she has a lot of knowledge and experience in knitting, and she introduced me to various knitting styles that are really well-known. One thing that developed my further interest in this activity is making something funny and cute from wool yarn. She never lets anything go waste. I was very happy when I did this activity because spending time with her also helped me to learn the history and culture in a better way.

Sample 2

I came to know about the passions that are kept by old age people. I learned it from my grandfather. He was so calm that he never argued with anyone. He always teaches me to do so. He used to say that donors argue with anyone. Just put your point. If you are right, they will listen to you. And if you are wrong, learn from your mistake. He always behaves calmly and listens to everyone whenever there is any conflict at home. After listening to everything, he puts his point. And that is always right. It never happened that they proved wrong. I always try to take their thoughts into my mind and try to implement them. Initially, o was not able to do so, but now I have learned that quality, and genuinely, I feel very proud that I absorbed this quality. And I can be calm at any point in time.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Skill that You Learned from Older People

Question 1:- What can children learn from their parents?

Answer 1:- Almost everything, they can learn about manners, discipline as well. Those are important skills to have in this epoch.

Answer 2:- Attitude. Positivity. Respect m. These are basic things kids need to learn from their elders. Now kids are into their life that they do not like to talk with anyone. They feel that if one is talking with them, they are interfering in their life. So all these kids need to learn from their elders.

Question 2:- What knowledge can children learn from their grandparents?

Answer 1:- Mostly juveniles will learn about the past era, maybe about history, like the history of the country that they live in.

Answer 2:- All the things which I said in an earlier answer. These things are not in a child, so they have to get all the things into them to earn respect and care from others, and these things are lifelong lessons, which every kid needs in their upcoming life.

Question 3:- What kind of help do you think older people need?

Answer 1:- Some older people have a problem with their minds. Sometimes they forget easily, so as young people, we can always keep reminding them when they make a mistake.

Answer 2:- Supportive and understandable. In old age, they feel sad alone as they can not do all the activities by themselves. They need support from others. If At, at this time, they do not get support, they become sad inside. Sometimes it also happens that they can not express their emotions, so we need to understand that.

Question 4:- What skills can young people learn from older people?

Answer 1:- Usually, younger people will learn about cooking skills, especially family dishes sold in family restaurant businesses, because usually the recipe will be passed down from generation to generation as well.

Answer 2:- Respect. Aged people always respect everyone. They never ignore anything or anyone. They always feel happy while supporting others. They are so kind that we need to learn this from aged people.

Question 5:- How difficult or easy to learn from older people?

Answer 1:- It is easy, as long as we want to understand them. We can approach our old parents first and spend our time together with them.

Answer 2:- Sincerity. they are so particular about their timing that they wake up early in the morning and sleep on time. There is no change in their schedule. And youngsters really need that to get. Nowadays, to wake up earlier is a big no. Sleeping late at night is so common.

Question 6:- In your country, do you think skills held only by older people are extinct?

Answer 1:- Not really; in Java, there is always be something like regeneration in culture; parents will recruit young people to be taught the knowledge they have, for example, about culture.

Answer 2:- No, it is not in my country. Still, here we follow what elders say. People tend to listen to them. They follow many things which their elders used to do in their early stages. And there are many things in use but with little bit changes. So yes, in my country skills of elders will never die.

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