Describe a Successful Small Business that You Know About: Recent Speaking Test

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Describe a successful small business that you know about. You should say:

  • what business/company it is?
  • what does this business do?
  • how do you know about this business?
  • and explain why you think this business/company is successful.

Sample 1

Today I’d like to talk about a small business I know, that’s Cedix fashion house. It’s a fashion company and a retail store in the heart of Abuja that caters for the everyday fashion needs of both men and women who do not need to rob a bank to look good. I got to know about this business on Instagram, I recall I was looking for a tailor nearby to make a dress for me, and the search redirected me to her page. Cedex fashion house is a clothing store owned by an entrepreneur and a lifestyle coach, Kelly. She’s an ambitious young lady who is doing well for herself despite losing her parents at the tender age of 5. This business is successful because the employees do their best even when it’s not convenient to meet up with customers’ demand; for instance, in one of the owner’s live session on Instagram, she revealed how her staff sometimes work overnight to complete customers’ orders and even do midnight deliveries.

Sample 2

There are numerous businesses already popular worldwide, and some businesses are small and large, and here I would like to talk about a business which I know very well, the business of my Father, which is based on a clothing section. Moreover, it is not up to the mark, but my Father easily handles it with his presence of mind. This is a kind of trading business and a lot of up and downs my Father faced in his life, but my Father is a multitalented person, and he has very impressive communication skills, so he always likes to sell clothes in a unique way my Father also handle a business from social networking site so there are ample kind varieties in clothes and regularly update acc to people taste. Moreover, many youngsters like to buy trendy clothes from my Father’s shop. Sometimes they also make an order from the online menu with offers free of cost delivery above 500. Therefore, it’s a small scale business, and during the festival season, my Father also earned heavy profits with the margin from his business. So that is the business I like very much, and in the future, if I will get a chance, I proceed with the international platform, and I also want to convert that business into a massive industry.

Follow-ups of Describe a Successful Small Business that You Know About

Question 1. What qualities are required to become a company leader (or CEO or manager)?

Answer 1:- A good leader should have a lot of interpersonal skills and good communication skills and should know how to manage conflicts, both internal and external. Patience is also a good virtue that he or she should possess.

Answer 2:- Well, there are lots of qualities required to become a perfect company leader because every successful person has a numerous of qualities a while dealing with clients in their day to day life, Firstly, honesty and loyalty are the most prominent in this felid. Tim person also handles every critical situation with his presence of mind, and they have a lot of experience in how to deal with other clients very calmly and patiently, so this kind of quality is a must-have for any company leader to operate hold the business in a good way.

Question 2. In general, what factors do you think to determine whether a small company will become successful or not?

Answer 1:- How a company is able to manage its personnel and resources has a lot to do with its success. It must be willing to start small and nurture itself, just like a child crawls before walking. A business’ success is in stages too.

Answer 2:- Numerous factors need to specify while converting a small business into a large scale because there are lots of rules and regulations that company unable to fulfil, and most companies do not have sufficient funds to invest more in business. Therefore, they are a few expect every company needs to require while developing their infrastructure on a large scale, so they need to require a very large scale land which also establishes their plant over there, so most companies don’t have this kind of facilities to forward their business into the international level.

Question 3. Do you think the latest technology plays an important role in a company’s development?

Answer 1:- I absolutely agree with this statement. Technology plays a big role in every company’s development; for instance, if a company places adverts on social media, it’s likely to get mega visibility and patronage. In addition, technological advancements and inventions like all office pieces of equipment have made work easier and more productive.

Answer 2:- Yes, they are lots of sophisticated equipment quite popular in a modern Era, and most multinational company likely to install all the latest technology products in their company to increase their growth well manner with the help of new technologies they need to develop more varieties in their businesses which eventually used to many people and outer companies like to invest in their great chunks of businesses so this term to lead international business and get popular in less time.

Question 4. What do you think of charitable organizations?

Answer 1:- Charitable organizations are a noble cause and have positive effects on the lives of beneficiaries. These organizations have reached out and helped people more than the government has done.

Answer 2:- I have a strong viewpoint about a charitable organizations because it is also part of our country, so there are lots of organizations Already popular in my country; I remember vividly during the Covid 19 pandemic, all the charitable organizations gave a huge contribution towards needed people and provided all possible amenities like food and shelter so that organization also make the life easier. Moreover, youngsters and individuals like to invest and donate a huge part of their savings to the organization because poverty is the main key factor in my country, so it can be resolved with the help of charitable organizations.

Question 5. Which do you think is better, to start your own business or to work for someone else?

Answer 1:- I’d say both.. owning a business is good, but it’s better to work for someone, even for a while, just to gather experience before starting yours. That way, the person will be well-grounded and won’t encounter unnecessary difficulties.

Answer 2:- Nothing like your work. So it is a better option to start your business as compared to working under someone. There are plenty of restrictions that people are unable to follow in their day-to-day life, so a 9 to 5 job doesn’t have opportunities in the future, and people easily get frustrated in a short period. Furthermore, having our own business has tremendous benefits in the future people also fulfil their all favourite needs and desires with the help of struggle, so there are no boundaries between employees and seniors, so being an entrepreneur also has big respect in the market.

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