People Have More Money to Spend Than They Had Earlier

In some countries, people have more money to spend than they had earlier, due to which they are buying more and more things. Do you think it is a positive development or negative?

Due to the burgeoning technology, earning resources of the masses have also escalated in a few nations. Currently, people possess a lot of wealth, and they spend their money in order to buy more and more things. In my perspective, it is a negative development as their shopping habits can make them pauper and it has a great threat to physical surroundings.

At the outset, now individuals are wealthier than in the past, and they utilize their money to buy more products. Thus excessive shopping makes them pauper. To exemplify it, now the availability of many shopping apps has made the masses extravagant, and they don’t hesitate to spend money purchasing the products in vogue. They get attracted by the glossy look of the products without knowing the real usage of that one. So, after spending a lot of money, they become penniless. Many famous celebrities are the classic example of this attitude, and when they are unable to pay the debt, they commit suicide. So the spendthrift attitude of people becomes a real cause of their ruin.

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Moreover, unnecessary purchasing have a detrimental impact on the environment. People now live in use and throw society. Compulsive buyers, after using their products, discard them. For instance, to beautify the house, now a vast array of commodities are available in the market. Wooden furniture has made people spend lavishly. People discard the old one and purchase the new one. Resultantly, deforestation takes place, and wildlife is on the verge of extinction. Therefore, inhuman activities deteriorate the environment.

To conclude, Thus having plenty of wealth made people shopaholics, and it has posed a serious threat to biodiversity.

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