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Describe a time when you helped a child: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a time when you helped a child Recent Speaking Test

Describe a time when you helped a child You should say:-

Sample answer:-

I have always been interested in helping others because, in this way, I feel inner satisfaction. Fortunately, I have received the assistance of many types and have also provided it to many people as I believe it is a contagious act.

However, I would like to share one incident when I helped a school-going child. A year back, I visited a renewed School in my city to meet my friend Aarav, who was working as a teacher in that school. At that time, I helped a child who was in dire need of money to pay his school fees.

How and why did you help him/ her

I am honest with you; although I assisted many children in different ways, never gave any financial support to anyone. But this child Raghav took all my attention. Let me explain to you the whole story.

Actually, I was talking with my friend Aarav, then all of a sudden, I saw a child who entered the principal office with a happy face but came out glumly and holding a piece of paper in his hand.

I continuously saw this child and assumed what happened to him and why he looked so disappointed. After 5 minutes, he was still standing outside of the main office.

I witnessed the whole scene and could not stop myself from asking him why he was so sad and disappointed. At that time, he told me that he had received a notice from school management to deposit the outstanding fees prior to the final exam. Else They would not allow him to sit in the examination hall. After saying this, he started crying and said he had no money to pay the school fee.

The fact is that he is from a needy family, and somehow his father manages his school expenses. Unfortunately, two months prior, his father expired, and his family lost their financial support because his father was the only bread earner in his family.

To hear this, I really got emotional because I did not want to see him down in the dumps and not be able to take the final exam just because of not paying the school fee in time.

So at that exact moment, I decided not only to pay his pending school fees but also to take responsibility for bearing his monthly School expenses. The main reason behind taking this step as he was a brilliant student in academic and extracurricular activities.

He and his family thanked and blessed me again and again for this kind help. I felt a sense of well-being when I helped that child, as children are our Nation’s future. I believe people should come forward to help others as it gives everyone self-satisfaction and a sense of purpose. So that was a time when I helped a child.


Question 1:- How do people usually help each other?

Answer:- People help one another in a lot of ways. It depends on the situation. Even a little help can be a huge thing for someone who needs it. For instance, they help them locate accommodation, find jobs, and solve their personal and professional problems. 

Apart from that, Sometimes people help others by providing them financial support when people are really in dire need. Another form of helping is just getting in on the task; helping push a car, helping carry some groceries, helping someone cross the road, and stuff like that.

Question 2:-What do you think? Should parents teach helping others to their children?

Answer:-Yes definitely, helping others is the best trait that parents should teach their children because in this way it will not only give them self-satisfaction but also help to make them a better human beings. To add to it, if they help others, they will receive support from others as it is a contagious act.

Question 3:-Do you think people nowadays do better work( like help )than in the past?

Answer:- Well to some extent I can say people are helpful or do good work otherwise nowadays every person seeks their own profits. Still, some people are really good by heart and have to believe in humanity. In fact, they choose different ways to help others, such as crowdfunding and online mediums. In contrast, in the past, people were always ready to help others because they knew the value of help; they knew if they did something for someone, one day it would come back to them with a reward.

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