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Describe a time when you searched for information from the internet

Describe a time when you searched for information from the internet

You should say:

When was it?

What information were you looking for?

How did it help you?


Sample 1:-

Well, The internet spreads its legs to every nook and corner of this globe. There is a number of websites are available on the internet which is very convenient for people such as,, Facebook and so on. But here I would like to talk about a time when I had searched about a person named Aamir khan on the internet.

Aamir Khan is a bollywood star. He is a successful person in India. I had watched the movies. He is my favorite super star. So, I wanted to know each and every information about him. I have searched for information about him on the internet. I describe it briefly.

I searched that Aamir Khan’s full name is Muhammed Aamir Hussain Khan but he is widely known as Aamir Khan. He is an Indian film actor, director, filmmaker and television talk- show host. Through his thirty-five-year career in Hindi movies, Aamir has established himself one of the most popular and influential actors of Indian cinema. He has a large global following, especially in Southern Asia and Greater China.

Khan is the recipient of numerous awards, including nine Filmfare Awards, four National Film Awards, and an AACTA Award, as well as an Academy Award Nomination. Apart from it, he was honored by the Indian Government with the Padam Shri in 2003 and Padma Bhushan in 2010. He has received an honorary title from the government of China in 2017.

Moreover, if I talk about his personal life, Aamir is a down to earth human being. He talks to everyone with patience and respects his followers. He earns a big amount of money by acting in movies every year but he donates money to needy people. For instance, he has established a Charitable trust which donates money to hospitals, schools and so on.

Furthermore, Aamir hosts a TV show named “Satayamaive Jayatey”. In this show, he invites those persons who are convict of the cruelty of the human race and become able to fight with this cruelty. Aamir listens to their grief’s story and helps them. As well, He requests to other people through this TV show for the help of convicts.

Eventually, he is the perfect human who cares about humanity with love. I have heard a lot about Aamir Khan but I have not yet met him. So, I want to meet as well as talk to him. So, that was the time when I had searched for information about a person through the internet.

Sample 2:-

Well, The Internet has made our life way so easier. Nowadays, we can find a lot more information about everything on the internet. For instance, if we have to go to a place where we never go, we can go there easily with the help of google map which is based on the internet.

Nowadays, people mostly search on the internet about which information they want to know. I also got so much help from the internet and it was an awesome experience of mine with the internet. I would like to describe it briefly.

a time when you searched for information from the internet
It was about a time when I needed to go to Chandigarh and stay there for my further study. It is approx. 250 km. Far from our city. I never visit here before. So, there was no one who knew me. The college where I got admission had not any PG facility.

So, I had to find my room by myself. Instead of wandering and wasting my time, I chose to search for rooms on the internet. Because there is a number of websites that provide contact number and ads of rooms for rent in every city. I searched and found plenty of rooms for rent near me. Describe a time when you searched for information from the internet
I called to all of them and did the best deal. I got the room of best facilities at a cheap price which would have never possible without the internet. At that day, I found it so useful and it makes me the proper use of the internet.

Now, I search for almost anything on the internet because it is the only true friend of those who are new at any place. Because it helps to provide superior facilities without wasting time wandering and finding our needs. Describe a time when you searched for information from the internet

Internet when used as a source of information, has more drawbacks than advantages. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

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