Describe a Trip You Took by Public Transport: Recent Speaking Test

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Describe a trip you took by public transport. You should say:

  • when does it happen?
  • what means of transport do you take?
  • what do you do during the trip?
  • and explain how you felt about the trip?

Sample 1

The majority of people like to take a trip by public transport in their day-to-day. Many people are unable to afford a personal vehicle due to some circumstances, and many people like to travel by public transport because of the reasonable prices and here I would like to talk about a time when I took a mode of public transport, and it was a marvellous trip for me. I remember vividly when I got the summer vacation from my college, so I made a plan to spend my vacation in my grandmother’s house, which is located in Delhi, and it is a far about 500 km from my home place. So I decided to travel by public transport which name is Volvo so on the night I got a booking, and I also got a discount of about 15% because I had a coupon apart from that in the early morning the journey will be started at six of clock sharply, so I woke up in the morning at four and I did my household chores and took a shower and exact 5:30 Am. I reached a bus station. Moreover, I also got a window seat. I felt over the moon because the window seat was my favourite part, and without delay, the bus started its journey. Moreover, I was tired and took a short nap for about 45 minutes, so after I woke up and saw the view from the window, I felt oh cloud nine because it had a lot of scenery and tree, Which made me delighted. During the journey, I also did recreational activities and played games on my mobile phone, and I also listened to my favourite music. Apart from that, I also made a lunch which my mother made for me in the morning. Furthermore, when I completed half of the journey, I idealized it was too hectic for me. But one of the things I liked about the hospitality of the bus staff was that it was quite mesmerizing. And I also met one friend who sat on my aisle. We also made a lot of conversation on hot topics like politicians after that we also exchanged the number, and I realized I had made a very good friend on the journey and the journey took around six hours and at around 9 to 12 clock I reached the Delhi station, so my relatives came for me, so I shared my all the experienced about the journey in public transport. Moreover, it was an electrifying experience for me. I’d recommend in my friend circle to have an experience in a means of public transport because private companies provide an abundance of amenities in favour of the customer, so that was the time when I took a means of public transport for a journey.

Sample 2

I want to talk about a trip which I took a few days back and it was using the public transport so I am a travel blogger and I like to visit so many places I also like to do lots of adventure at adventurous activities when I take these kinds of truck so I took this vacation two years back it was in January 2020 I believe and it was by road aero truck along with around 20 other passengers we all started from Chennai and then we reach the Kerala within northwell 214 has during this entire duration I click so many photos we had a beautiful sceneries and in between we to so many stops and visited the so many places which had amazing sightseeing and I took so many photos which I uploaded it on social media immediately and the also did some quick release and videos great opportunity that I got some time to connect with my friends after a really long time because during that vacation during that protect I got a chance to face time with my friends they were very excited and delighted to see such lines of sceneries it was very good experience and I want to take such trip again and again it was really rejuvenating for me I was on cloud 9 when I was the making the entire journey.

Follow-ups of Describe a Trip You Took by Public Transport

Question 1:- Do you think traffic jams would be reduced if people could travel on public transport for free?

Answer 1:- Yes, of course, the problem of traffic congestion will be sorted out when individuals like to prefer daily transportation in their day to day life because public transport always follows a specific path even they don’t require any surroundings of the road so when people get a fractionated to use public transport definitely traffic jams would be a sort out in a few time.

Answer 2:- Yes I didn’t public transport has to be made free for all the passengers reduces the bustling population which had been increasing on roads, and it reduces the traffic congestion as well bin made free people usually avoid using their own vehicles, and they prefer to used are various facilities such as Metro metro trains which are available in most of the cities now.

Question 2:- Do you think people should use public transportation more often?

Answer 1:- Yes, I agree about the notion even visual should use public transportation in their day to day life because the prices of public transport is a quite compatible with the pockets of the individuals. Even it’s also saved our environment because vehicles produce more and more toxic gases in the atmosphere, so it’s very harmful to the ecosystem. Even so, many people like to take a transportation system which provides by the higher authorities.

Answer 2:- Yes, people should transport more often or at least on alternative days because it reduces the pollution and also that traffic on roads which eventually makes them reach their destinations on time rather than wasting a lot of time on Bruce news Nation.

Question 3:- What are the pros and cons of low-cost air travel?

Answer 1:- Well, in terms of merit and demerits of air travel, firstly, if the price is reduced in air travel. As a result, the intensity of commuters will be spiked sharply, which will cause environmental problems because aeroplanes produce a higher emission of harmful gases which are incompatible with the environment. On the other hand, if the price surges, the problem of the environment will be sorted out; when increasing the fares of air travel, many people reduce their travel time and prefer public transportation more often.

Answer 2:- I believe that there are only pros the advantages of having a low cost a journey because the people can reach their destinations more quickly and also defined it more affordable and cheaper since they travel consumes very less time travel very less time to travel to the other place they try to for this kind of transportation very often.

Question 4:- Which method of travel do you consider safest? Why?

Answer 1:- I think all the methods are quite safest in the time of journey but in the term of Railways transportation is a quite compatible with the individuals because the risk of life is about 0% in this journey because the railway is always followed all the protocol and parameters which operated by the headquarter so I think this would be no chances of any accident during the journey.

Answer 2:- I believe that the road is the safest one because driving time less prone to accidents, especially when people travel on their own they have control of their own vehicle, and they tend to follow all the protocols which have been set up by the government, and they make sure that their vehicles are in proper conditions before they travel on the other hand trains for aeroplanes yeah yeah more aeroplanes it is the completely controlled by the private authorities on the government, and there are chances that they might they may not follow or they may be a loose MS kind of rule which has to be followed.

Question 5:- Has travel become safer in recent years than that was in the past?

Answer 1:- No, I don’t think so, and travel has become safer as compared to the Past decade it’s because in the modern era the intensity of traffic jams frequently hiked over the years and many people like to prefer their vehicle over the roads which course are lots of accidents in the day to day life in the term of past there was no any personal vehicle which people had so the chances of risk were quite low.

Answer 2:- Yes, in the contemporary world we are making so many changes, and progress in the transport, especially the road transport by having proper Highways which have good connectivity from one state to another and also the government is making a lot of immense measures to make sure that the Highways are wide and there are so many names, so this arrangements in this Era has made transportation much better.

Question 6:- What types of public transport are most commonly used in your country?

Answer 1:- There are numerous of transportation becoming more common in my country such as buses, Railway trains and cabs. Moreover, these kinds of transportation or commonly in my country and many people like to travel in this transportation and use these facilities during the journey, so all the transportation is available at a very low price.

Question 7:- Do you think the government invests enough in public transport in your country?

Answer 1:- Higher authorities must be invested handsome funds towards the public transport in my country because the problem of a traffic junctions is frequently inclined as compared to the previous years and many people also face a lot of consequences in their day to day life which people lose their reputation in a company or workplace, so even government put their attention to invest some kind of amount in a transportation system. It helps to improve the whole structure of the country inappropriate manner.

Question 8:- Why do you think more and more people prefer to travel by plane?

Answer 1:- They are lots of reasons which people like to travel by plane some people have international meetings they need to travel by plane for saving their time and plane is one of the prominent sources of connecting the world with each other. Moreover, some airlines also provide cheap fares in terms of price tickets which people attract towards the journey and would like to travel in their daily routine.

Answer 2:- Ok, so many people believe that it is easy to reach the other destination rather than taking how was to reach the same place similarly they not spend a lot of time for the duration or we have to book a ticket valid for at least of the month before whereas if it is travel by plane, then we can immediately go to the airport and buy a ticket which is much more convenient for the passengers.

Question 9:- What do you think the government should do to improve the quality of public transport in your country?

Answer 1:- Yes, the government should need to dedicate their focus to improving the quality of public transport, first of all, they need to improve infrastructure the reason why people opt to use their car is that the place where they are going does not have a good roads so then they need to put their focus on improving the condition of roads apart from that they likely to invest some more funding to improve the quality of public transportation and provide a reasonable ticket price which people can afford in their day to day life.

Answer 2:- In my country, the public transportation is not so well, and there are so many steps which government can take to make it more convenient firstly the quality of the buses is very cheap, and the people tend to avoid this in order to to be safe then the maintenance of these are buses or not proper, and they fear that there might be some trouble during their travel they don’t have proper timings so the government can introduce some applications which make passengers check at what time the next bus arrive arises.

Question 10:- What kinds of obstacles do you think some local governments have to face when they develop transportation infrastructure?

Answer 1:- There are lots of consequences which every government will face when they recognize the transportation infrastructure in a well mannered first of all they face the problem of financially so many nations don’t have funds to enhance their transportation system in a well mannered moreover the ticket prices of transportation is the management is not a piece of cake it’s a lot of findings and suggestions from the individuals so this kind of problems mainly government face.

Answer 2:- There are many challenges which government has to face. Firstly they don’t have proper funds, and the central government doesn’t provide to improve the public transport infrastructure. Secondly, the local authorities secondly the roads are not proper, so they have to lay down the roads with proper navigations and boards what is the passengers on how they have to travel.

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