Describe a Water Sport You Would Like to Try in The Future Cue Card

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Describe a Water Sport You Would Like to Try in The Future.

  • What Is It?
  • Where Would You Like to Try It?
  • Whether It Is Easy or Difficult?
  • And Explain Why You Would Like to Try It.

Sample: Describe a Water Sport You Would Like to Try in The Future Cue Card

I live in Gujarat state and have never visited any beaches, so I want to go to some beaches to do watersports and other activities. So here I would like to talk about one watersport that I want to do, and there are also many other sports I would like to do, but first of all, I need to do rafting, which is famous among many people.

I told my friend many times, so he told me how he did it, and I was very excited to do that. After he told me, I also convinced my other friend to go out to do this water rafting.

It’s not famous in my state, but in states like Himachal, there are many rivers, so they have many places to do water rafting. We plan to go there next summer, and my friend and I are very excited about that. We are also preparing and have spent the same amount of money.

I also read reviews about Many people wrote on Google about water rafting and watched many videos on YouTube on how to do water rafting because you need to understand basic things about how to control it because water rafting is an eight-person water sport, and every eight people have the same responsibility to control it.

It is a very amazing sport because to control it, every eight people need to have mutual understanding among each other. That is why I want to try this watersport.

Follow-up Questions: Describe a Water Sport You Would Like to Try in The Future Cue Card

Question 1: Why do so many people like going to places near water, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans?

Answer:- Many people like to go near where the water is located because they love thrilling games like a watersport, and they also want to relax at their place like a beach. Many young people love to play watersports, mainly because they have perfect physical fitness, and some senior citizens love to read books and sunbathe.

Question 2: What kind of leisure activities do people like to do in places like the ocean, at the beach, river, lake, etc.?

Answer:- People do different kinds of activities at beaches and lakes, such as playing sports like volleyball and kicking watermelons or physically acquiring sports like water sports. Many people who want to release stress from their daily lives also spend their leisure time there.

Question 3: Do you think children and old people do the same type of things when they go to a beach?

Answer:- No, definite or not, children and old people do different kinds of things at the beach. Children love to play in the water, and some small activities include creating castles with sand, while senior citizens just relax at the beach with their books and enjoy their scenic view of the ocean.

Question 4: What kind of activities would you do if you were spending leisure time at a beach or near the ocean?

Answer:- If I have to spend my leisure time, I do different kinds of things, but mainly, I do water sports with my friends and family, and I also do sunbathe to relax.

Question 5: Why do some people like water sports?

Answer:- Some people like water sports because it gives a sense of thrill and refreshes them. Water can give us a sense of adventure as well as relaxation. It is also a very good form of physical exercise, which is good for our overall fitness.

Question 6: Do you think the government should invest money in developing facilities for water sports?

Answer:- Yes, definitely. I think the government should spend some money on developing a facility like a water sport. After all, it is also beneficial for them because people who love these activities will come to their place, and they give a lot of money and directly affect the economy. For example, Thailand has many beaches, so its economy depends on tourism.

Question 7: Which is the most popular water sport in your country?

Answer:- I think the most popular watersport in my country is wide water rafting because many people go water rafting in the summer. To do this water sport, a person doesn’t need to know how to swim because it depends on a boat and is an 8-person watersport.

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