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Describe a Writer or Author You Would Like to Meet.

Describe a Writer or Author You Would Like to Meet.

Describe a Writer or Author You Would Like to Meet.
You should say:
– who the writer is
– what you know about this writer already
– what you would like to find out about him/her
-and explain why you would like to meet this writer.

Sample Answer

Around the world plethora of writers and world has seen abundant of, a writer writes the creativity of their mind while some write historical events and some also prefer truth stories. I like to read books, especially novels; I’ve read many books, but if we talk about my favourite author and someone I like to meet, then one name comes to my mind, Raj Bhaskar. Raj Bhaskar is a popular writer in India, and he has written most books and novel language in the Gujarati Language. Still, past few years, he also started to write in Hindi and English as well. Writing a book is a cup of tea for him.

He’s written several books that had positive components online, and two novels had top sales at that times.

He is 55 years old, I read somewhere that he wants to become scientists in his childhood, but for any reason, he became a teacher. His vocation is teacher although, he also writes articles and that print on several state-level tabloids.

I am a big fan of his novels, and I want to be interested in managing the time and secret behind spectacular books. I am a student still I’ve to find tribulation on time management. Every person has a dream to meet the person who inspired them. Raj sir inspired me a lot as well as aid me to be a better person, on student and social. If I got a chance to drink a cup of tea with him, then that will be one of the best moments in my entire life. He is much Indian inspiration, same as I am.

Follow-Ups Describe a Writer or Author You Would Like to Meet.

1. What kinds of books are most popular with children in your country? Why do you think that is?

For children, comics books and short stories books are most common in India, especially cartoon characters. Offspring have no insights of around the world, and they are free-minded without any responsibility. Cartoon and stories books yield enjoyment. For instance, when I was a child, every night, my mom told me a story by reading a book that succours me to good sleep.

2. Are there any occasions when reading at speed is a useful skill to have? What are they?

I believe in reading at medium speed and understand the meaning of it. However, 2 years ago, when I want to book train tickets in Mumbai, I have no idea which train goes to my hometown, it was also my maiden time, and I was on time, so I read the speedy timetable and search my district name. It aids me because if I read slowly, then definitely that day I miss the train.

3. Why do you think some children do not read books very often?

Some juveniles have no interest in reading, and some also prefer other over reading, such as listening. Reading books takes times hence after some days they feel bored and drop the idea to read books.

4. How do you think children can be encouraged to read more?

For stimulating children, set daily and regular goals for reading, like 1 page per day, they can embark on reading habits by favourite and interesting books.

5. Do you think those reading novels is more interesting than reading factual books? Why is that?

I think it us depending on personal preference. Some claim that novel is best for them wherever; for others, factual books are better. Personal interest is also mattered.

6. Are there any jobs where people need to read a lot? What are they?

Without any doubt, yes, a host of jobs is available around the globe where reading skill is primarily requirements. For instance, after writing articles, the testing team checks full task and notes mistakes, if any occur in tabloid productions. After their mark and changes, the paper goes for printing and letter ones again rechecking is their works.

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