Describe an Ambition That You Have For a Long Time

Describe an ambition that you have for a long time.

You should say
What is it?
What did you do for it?
When can you achieve it?
And explain why you have this ambition?

Sample Answer of the Describe an Ambition That You Have For a Long Time

It’s good to have an ambition in life because it gives hope to achieve a certain goal. Ambition can become a hobby too. Since childhood, I wanted to do gardening. I always used to watch my parents doing gardening. Always arranging plants and bringing new plants and setting up in a balcony.

But I was a child so I only used to sit back and watch them. A few years back I decided to start gardening whenever I watch any new plant I do some research and bring that plant into my home. I love to do gardening and it’s very important to plant trees at home because it increases our exposure to sunlight and provides vitamin –D.


I feel it’s kind of exercise to plant trees like good for heart, bones and for maintaining a proper weight. It reduces stress. Gardening provides their own supply of food eating fresh healthy food. It’s good to be around nature.

I started as the ambition to garden plants but as time passed it became my hobby and I suggest everybody to start gardening plants.

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