Describe an Article You Read in a Magazine or on the Internet: Recent Speaking Test

Describe an article you read in a magazine or on the Internet that could help people improve their health. You should say:

  • when you read it?
  • where did you read it?
  • what it was about?’
  • and explain why (you think) it could improve people’s health?

Sample 1

They are numerous articles we have seen on the internet, and it is kind of part of our lifestyle, and we can gather a lot of information from the internet in a few minutes, and they are tremendous the article which makes the lifestyle easier even improve it better as people they want and here I would like to talk about a Health article I read over the internet, and it also helps me a lot to reduce my gained weight in a few months. I remember vividly. When the government announced a complete lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic seriously, it was a daunting time, and I gained 10 KG weight due to a lack of activity. So I became a couch potato because I spent my whole time on the internet. Moreover, one day I scrolled the internet, and I found a very interesting article which related to health. The name of the article was health is wealth, and it was very eye-catching. I immediately open that section. And found numerous information, and the problem will be solved in a few months. Furthermore, the article was approved by the healthcare department, and it is also recommended for those people who have health issues in their day-to-day life. Therefore, it was all about making small lifestyle changes. I came to know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it contains numerous proteins and nutrition which needs for the body to survive the whole day. We should have a healthy and wholesome breakfast and never skip it because it also helps maintain the body regulations. Since that day, I have never skipped breakfast. I also added some green vegetables, which contain a high source of proteins and are consumed every day. Apart from that, it was mentioned about daily activity and exercise like meditation we could do for 15 or 20 minutes every day. I immediately did this activity for a month, and I was wonder-stuck because I lost about 5 KG weight in the first month. Apart from that, It mentioned we should have at least one seasonal fruit every day because of this fruit we also maintain our body fitness level in a good manner. Therefore, I feel very fit and healthy and have really fallen sick since I made the small changes; I also recommend that health articles in my friend circle and share them over the internet through social media, even with my family. I also referred this article to my parents, and they also liked it very well and made a small change in their life. Now they are all healthy as well as active, so I also followed that healthy article in my daily routine, so it was a Health article when I read over the internet and gives me a tremendous of benefits to maintain my all the life.

Sample 2

It was during the covid-19 outbreak. I was bored, and I was going through the social media, and out of the blue, I came across this article which was written by the famous news article Times of India and they’re explaining the measures which we can make the event a Lifestyle changes despite the pandemic outgoing pandemic today explain about the various exercises which we can do in our house rather than going out to gym various situations, so this article was about purchasing the treadmill and doing regular cardio exercises which improve our health, and it makes our well which makes our there were so many people who were suffering from mental disorders such as stress anxiety definition which it is also easier for them to overcome these kinds of issues when they perform regular exercises there are different 13 different levels of walking such as walking on a straight road or a climbing on a hill so this can make them.

Follow-ups of Describe an Article You Read in a Magazine or on the Internet

Question 1:- How do you think people could become healthier?

Answer 1:- There are numerous ways which people get healthier according to their lifestyle, first of all, they need to edit some vegetarian meals which include proteins and nutrition highly, and they also prefer to do meditation and exercise in the early morning also spend their time few hours in recreational activities which correctly make their lifestyle and apart from that they need to add some hobbies which they pursue their mind and enhance their knowledge skills so these kinds of activities which many people do to become healthier.

Answer 2:- Contemporary Era people are not following the proper routine various Lifestyle or disorders, so they can follow up they have to set a goal of following a proper routine mainly they have to wake up early in the morning rather than being a night owl they have to perform regular exercises such as walking running jogging or swimming by following these activities they can lead a healthier life.

Question 2:- Are there any differences between the way old people and young people try to stay healthy?

Answer 1:- Yes, there are ample differences between old people and youngsters to keep themselves healthy. Apart from that, old age people also do a lot of struggle to stay healthy because their old bodies need a lot of nutrition and proteins to regulate in a good manner. Due to some reasons, the body couldn’t work properly in an older stage, so it required additional exercise and fitness drugs which covers all the body parts. Apart from that youngsters don’t need any special exercise and meals for getting an update because their body already in a developing stage, so youngsters always do a lot of activity in their day to day life, but in case of old age, people require a lot of exercises as compared to younger ones.

Answer 2:- There are many differences between the Lifestyle of adolescence and older people the older people tend to follow a proper resume by following a good diet instagram status for eating outside especially they are deeply craving for fast food secondly the elders do a lot of exercises such as yoga, on the other hand, the youngsters they don’t have time to allocate to perform these kinds of activities. 

Question 3:- Do schools in your country have any special activities to enhance the fitness of students?

Answer 1:- Yes, the majority of schools in my country look out their intention towards the self activities which eventually maintain the healthy living standards in their day to day life apart from that many schools already focus on keeping the students healthy and improve their daily routine with some rules and regulations inappropriate manner by adding some kind of subjects which likely related to physical activities and need to develop sports activities in twice a week, so this kind of activity school mainly do keeping the children active.

Answer 2:- In India, there are so many schools that are moving and adopting a new kind of healthier lifestyles, such as they are conducting Yog regular yoga and meditation classes during the class hours or in between the classes h such that they are they have a good concentration students have a good concentration similarly who is management is how to make sure that kids are participating in various sports activities healthy hair and they have a good pop lifestyle.

Question 4:- Do you think people in the future will be doing more exercise and eating healthier than they are today?

Answer 1:- I don’t think so in the future people will do more exercise and eat a healthy. I think this Trend getting negative in the future. Because in this modern era majority of individuals are already involved their hectic schedule and engaged with the hustle-bustle life even they don’t have time to make a fresh meal in their home, so they also need to save time and take a junk food which consumes very less time, so in future, many people already forget the exercise. Because they dedicate only their mind to earning money so this is the scenario that will happen in the future.

Answer 2:- In my perspective is, I would disagree with this because compared to the previous generation, our era not following a proper diet and they are eating a lot of oily foods which are dangerous to health, and I can predict that in future people are going to follow a similar Lifestyle or they are going to adapt different routine and inculcate these foods on a higher amount the future generation may have a proper Lifestyle then which we have today.

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