An Australian Friend Is Coming to Visit You, and It Will Be His/her Birthday During the Visit

An Australian friend is coming to visit you, and it will be his/her birthday during the visit. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

  • say how you feel about the visit?
  • suggest what you could do on his/her birthday?
  • ask what your friend thinks of your idea?

Dear Sam,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I was flabbergasted when you told me about your vacation to India. I remember meeting you in person three years back before migrating to Australia, and it was an emotional moment. I am overwhelmed with happiness to meet you and have eternal conversations with you, which we missed all these days.

Furthermore, during your visit, we can celebrate your birthday in an affluent manner, and it is my responsibility to make your day filled with eternal memories. Let’s invite our school friends at midnight, and we can throw a party for all our peers, which includes dinner and music. The next day morning, we can go for a road trip to Meadow Caves. It is one of the best hangout spots to visit within city limits, and it is feasible to return to our home as early as possible. I browsed on the internet that there is a resort near caves and we can have our lunch there. I speculate they serve delicious cuisines with a mix of international flavours. After a scrumptious meal, we can return to my home.

These are the plans which I thought of celebrating your birthday. I anticipate that you will be fine with my plan; if not, then help me with some suggestions, and we will alter it.

Can’t wait to celebrate your birthday and hope to see you soon.

Best Regards,

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