Describe an Email or Letter You Received Lately

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Describe an email or letter you received lately; You should say

  • When did you receive it?
  • Who sent it?
  • What was this letter about?
  • Why is this letter so important to you?

Sample 1

In today’s era, technology increased day by day, which helps to easier ways to communicate with less time. There are a lot of sites and apps where you communicate easily and quickly to pass the message without any disturbance. I got a mail from my past job. They gave back my job, which I lost in the pandemic, so they gave back after a couple of years. I know 81 million people lost their job in corona, but I am lucky because I got my last job, where I spent four years in it. I received the email last to last month from my office head. He mails me that you rejoin your job and your salary will increase firstly when I saw the email I never believe I scroll my phone again and again and then recheck the mail. After that, I went to my mom’s room and requested that she please open my cellphone and check my mail. I never believe in my eyes. In fact, she was also shocked and then she pinched my arm and held my hand with tears eyes. I am also starting to cry because I have a very bad time In my life and I need a job. I try a lot of places, but no one gives it. It is important for my family member because they are dependent on me. I give thanks to my Collins because they know my situation, and they encourage my head. At last, I am happy to get a job with a good income.

Sample 2

I receive lots of emails and letters on a daily basis because I work in a software company, and immediately when I log in, the first thing I do to check email is many emails, but their name I have received them recently and that is of special importance to me it was sent by one of my friends Ishan she sent to me on my birthday celebrity birthdays are very special to me because all my friends and family are there and De Goa party that is that will be one of the best days in my ear Saudi send this email which had made my day even happier this letter contained a lot of memories, which we had taken during our school and college days. I have known this trend over the last 20 years, so I can imagine how this for him to collect all these photos and gather them into a mail and send it to me. This is very special to me because it contains the lifetime of how my journey was in all these years. It actually had a good how I was.

Follow-ups of Describe an Email or Letter You Received Lately

Question 1:- What are the differences between emails and hand wrote letters?

Answer 1:- Well today no one has much time to write a letter due to new technology and much more it is easier, Fastest ways to communicate with others. Without any tension any stress, we send emails in our private zone; however, the letter has handmade with we need pen and paper. Moreover, it makes more time to send that person, and it is not private in previous time everyone sends their important messages in letters which take much time to deliver while in today it is an easier Converse message in second.

Answer 2:- Differences between and because in a letter V enjoy and we write it with a lot of feelings how mood is based on the handwriting, on the other hand, an email is very it’s a very practical way of conveying something to the other person email id doesn’t show the emotion with how do you write a text

Question 2:- Will hand-written letters become obsolete in the future? Why?.

Answer 1:- No, it is not possible because today technology has wide change and it takes a lot of paper and pen wastage where the environment has disturbed. Handwriting things do have not much value because no one has much time to wait. the world is fast-moving, so it is not convenient for everyone.

Answer 2:- In this generation, we are all aiming towards achieving a clean environment, and then I heard that most of the schools are adapting to the online examination password rather than using papers, so schools are taking such initiatives gradually even the public will move towards complete, and you also have a lot of social media right now which helps us to send messages directly rather than waiting for letters which take at least two days to receive

Question 3:- why has the importance of letters is declined in this modern era?

Answer 1:- well, its effect on the environment it destroys the plants with make paper, so it is important to use it. Moreover, it increases global warming by cutting trees in the modern era, technology increase day by day, and no one writes hand letter.

Answer 2:- In the current scenario, we are all using technology in terms of communicating information. For instance, if you want to send any message, we can open WhatsApp on Instagram and send it within seconds. I have to communicate the same why are the letters because better we need to write and then they go to the nearby post office or post box and then put it over there and then later on it takes two days again to reach to the Concern person, so I believe that the increased and it is much more practical these days.

Question 4:- which application is most famous among people of all ages in the world of today?

Answer 1:- there are a lot of applications that are popular among people of all ages, like video games, WhatsApp and many more, because it is useful to record things. Moreover, at the present time, every school and college are fully dependent on online classes, so it helps the student to record the things on their phones without making any notes. Moreover, it is very useful for the job person who records the data at any time at any place without going to the office and asks again to seniors.

Answer 2:- Generation I see that WhatsApp is the best one for personal use and for professional use we can use either routine or Zoom app applications so chat or any of a family member then we can use WhatsApp it is also possible to send the photos and videos on the other hand for professional communication routines is much easier these are the apps which are used for instant messaging or communication.

Question 5:- what is the new, easy, reliable and cheap source to send a letter nowadays?

Answer 1:- well, easy, reliable, and cheaper source to send the letter is by email because it has a record of the sender and receiver. It is an easier way and more time-saving app. Everyone knows that the app they have a piece of knowledge the pass the messages in a second without going anywhere; for example, we pass the letter from outside the country.

Answer 2:- Navoday, I don’t think letters are reliable because it takes a lot of time to communicate a piece of information when we have instant messaging as so I see that letters detect a lot of time to reach the concerned person rather than we can switch to messaging apps which is very easy for conveying the information.

Question 6:- Why should we write letters to friends and relatives?

Answer 1:- we should write a letter to friend and relative to share our feelings and thoughts or connect with them easier, and it has to recall them at any time.

Answer 2:- Do we are in this modern technology, it is always a great practice to write letters to our friends and families because we cannot completely depend on the technology as they might be deleted if there is some small virus attack on the databases, so the letters are saved for a lifetime, and whenever we want to read through these we can do whenever we want and also it gives a lot of Amazing memories as well?

Question 7:- What are the important qualities of a good letter?

Answer 1:- it is an important quality of a good letter because we recall their thoughts, and also it helps to an easier way to express our feeling in the letter which we cannot speak moreover he/she can understand our feelings and they respect it.

Answer 2:- It depends on whom we are writing this letter to a send a letter to a friend or a family then we can include all our good memories which are happening in our life, and also we can ask about how they will be in this and how what is going on in their life whereas if it is a professional communication which had to be sent to someone and the organization then we can ask about whatever in which we want to ask about

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