Describe an Interesting Animal You Know About

Describe an interesting animal you know about. You should say:

  • what animal it is
  • how you know about this animal
  • where they are found
  • and describe what facts about this animal do you find most interesting.

Sample 1

Well, animals are a beautiful creation of God. Since time immemorial, they have been considered a loyal friend of human beings. Fortunately, I got a chance to visit Hyderabad with my family to attend a wedding there. So after attending a wedding, I thought to make a plan to see its surrounding areas then my cousin took us to a zoo, which was very famous. I got to know about the white elephant, which I never ever had seen in my life before this time. So I was very fascinated, and it was a golden opportunity for my child to know this creature directly, and in this way, she can get first-hand experience in knowing about the White creature.

Actually, it was not a zoo, and it was a wild century. When the guide took us not too close to this wild creature but from a distance, he told us that this wild creature is a rare one but not a distinct species because people always mistook it that it is unique due to its colour. Moreover, I was more fascinated to get the news that white elephants are physically unable to produce emotional tears due to the loss of normal mammalian structures that drains excess moisture from their eyes. So I thought it was only human beings who usually cry and feel more pain. The other interesting fact about this elephant was that nourishing white elephants are a very difficult thing at home or for a state.

Although these elephants represent the wealth the prosperity of a nation but to upkeep them is an expensive affair. I was very surprised to search that in the past, when any king had lost his battle, then he used to give white elephants to the winner of the battle to ruin him because the white elephant had a great diet and to keep them fit, one had to spend all his wealth. Therefore, these features really fascinated me that white elephants are not less than a bar of gold, and these are priceless creatures. This is an animal that I find interesting and would like to see again in my life.

Sample 2

The animal that I am going to talk about is an Alaska dog. First of all, let me tell you more about my experience in detail. If my memory serves me right, once I paid a visit to my bestie’s house, I had a chance of seeing and touching this dog directly.

When reaching his house, I was taken aback by a few things. However, what piqued my curiosity the most was that he had an Alaskan dog, one of the largest domestic dog’s breeds, The fur of its was extremely soft while the outer one was waterproof and coarse. Also, he was brown and white in colour, which made him look even more mesmerized. Furthermore, his small ears and blue eyes that were slightly out of proportion made him really attractive. I spent an entire day with him and found out that he was quite smart. While playing, I threw the ball for him to fetch. At first, he looked clueless but soon caught up with my tricks.

I threw a few more times, and he chased all of them successfully, retrieved it, and brought it back. It seemed like he understood everything intrinsically. Since I met him for the first time, it didn’t seem odd. He was quite a friendly animal and not as scary as I expected before.

I always wanted to have a dog of my own, but my mother didn’t allow it because of the congested space. And if I had the chance, I wished I would have the dog like that.

Follow-ups of Describe an Interesting Animal You Know About

Question 1. What kind of animals do people have in their homes?

Answer 1:- Well, people have different kinds of animals at their home like dogs, buffaloes and cows. These are the animals that are very useful for them in earning bread and butter as well as giving them av company in their loan isolation period.

Answer 2:- Well, without a doubt, dogs and cats must be the most popular pets in every household. Due to their adorable appearance, children tend to get on well with them as a friend when parents are absent at home for work. Furthermore, these pets always coddle with their owners, which really put off their owners’ steam after the hard-working day.

Question 2. Tell me about an animal you saw which is very rare in your hometown.

Answer1:- Well, now sparrows are very rare in my hometown. I could hardly see any sparrow in my hometown, and it may be due to radiations from electronic appliances that have become a root cause for the extinction of many brown sparrows.

Answer 2:- I guess it must be the penguin that I ran into in the national park in Viet Nam. I think its appearance was unprecedented since Viet Nam is a tropical country and has an extremely harsh environment for animals from the temperate zone. I remember it had white fur with black dots. Short as it is, the penguin swam at a really fast pace and even showed the skill of catching fish in the air.

Question 3. Why do people have pets in their homes?

Answer 1:- People have pets in their homes because they feel alone, and pets give them company in their homes. Moreover, it’s also taking care of your home interruptions because they are loyal and don’t let any Intruder enter their home.

Answer 2:- In the past, pets were adopted as a guard of the house, even as a means of transportation like Alaskan and Husky dogs in the North Pole. But nowadays, all pets are treated as not only a mutual friend but also a source of happiness for people.

Question 4. Do you think people do not respect animals these days? What about 10 years ago?

Answer 1:- I don’t agree with that opinion, since there is a worldwide organization established to protect animals based on laws and even citizens here and there also have a change of their attitude towards animals not like in the past when dogs and cats were regarded as nothing but a tool. Meanwhile, during the past ten years, pets started having their own value, which is conserved and spread all around the world by animal lovers.

Question 5. Earlier people used animals for their work. Now, what do people use to do their work?

Answer 1:- Yes, people are not more concerned about animals than they used to be in the past. This may be due to infections that mostly animals spread, and they are working more and become like a machine that has no feelings for others.

Answer 2:- Off the top of my head, AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, is being utilized in the manufacturing industry instead of animals. Since this creates an automatization in producing goods on a massive scale without errors, the reduction of the workforce may occur to save a sum of money for the company.

Question 6. Researchers are being conducted on animals, is this a good idea?

Answer 1:- I think this pattern has both pros and cons. In terms of pros, experiments on rats in medicinal fields can provide us with the better result of the vaccine; therefore, a high efficient vaccine can be used on a human without any harm. Whereas with cons, testing on animals appears to be inhuman and be against the moral values that we have been following

Question 7. So many animals are extinct these days. What do you think about this? Why is it happening?

Answer 1:- I’d say this trend is obvious, as human beings are destroying animals’ habitats for housing and tourism also humans’ activities like deforestation, overfishing and nitrogen pollution, which may lead to the imbalance of the food chain of the wildlife and push them to the edge of extinction.

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