Describe an Activity That You Do After School/work: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe an activity that you do after school/work. You should say

  • What is it?
  • When and Where do you do it?
  • Who do you do it with?
  • And how do you feel about it?

Sample 1

In this contemporary world, people have an enormous chance to learn brilliant activities as per their interests. Through this, they are masters in particular activities and in my opinion, these leisure time activities help individuals to be jubilant and energetic. Today, I would like to talk about one such activity – that is oil pestle painting. Compared to my fellow workers, after official hours, they are moved to movies, pubs and other external activities. I am not interested in those types of activities because it is not my cup of tea. I like to enjoy my spare time with arts and music. During this pandemic time, I got a chance to learn details about different types of paintings like charcoal painting, pencil drawings, oil painting, watercolour painting and oil pestle painting. One of my friend’s fathers Mr Shekhar had an art gallery, and he had shared a lot of ideas and interests about this. For me, he is a big wig. After his monitoring, I learned skills seriously, and I am more confident to complete my work in my home individually. Initially, things were different, and I required a serious lecture from any master to complete my work. Now things were changed, and I have the confidence that without fail, I am able to complete my tasks. I feel proud after completing each and every work. Once I had gifted my work to Mr Shekhar, and he was amazed and appreciated me greatly. I was overwhelmed with joy and pride at that very moment.

Sample 2

There are numerous activities that are quite popular in modern life and play an integral role in the lifestyle of individuals. Here I would like to talk about my favourite activity which I mostly prefer to do after work is badminton .that activity mainly I do is playing Badminton. Actually, I took a lesson from my elder brother with a small plastic racket when I was just six years old, and I started loving it from then on. Badminton builds good physical stamina and mental agility, which pays me off in the work-life. Furthermore, this game has plenty of assets that makes my body a proper fit. Moreover, I usually get back home from the office at 7 pm in the evening. Then I head straight to the Badminton court located in the community club of my society and play Badminton. On the weekends, I prefer to play twice a day which makes over the moon.,However, playing that sport is not a piece of cake even if it requires much dedication and hard work, thus leading to getting more focused on the shuttle cock. It is my favourite recreational activity which I found interesting, and I never skip that sport in rainy sessions. So that is an activity I often do after work.

Follow-ups of Describe an Activity That You Do After School/work: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1. Why do some people enjoy extreme sports?

Answer 1:- There are numerous reasons behind this. Compared with any other internal and external sports, the elements of risk are comparatively high. All extreme sports are highly monitored by an official or professional athlete. Extreme sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, mountain biking, rafting and vehicle drifting are highly dangerous, and without proper practice and gear, normal people cannot taste them.

Answer 2:- The majority of people like extreme sports due to an abundance of reasons; the adrenaline rush, exercise, real-world skill-building, achievement, and confidence are the main factors that attract people to adventure sports facilities. Moreover, extreme sports also help to boost the confidence level among the people which they easily engage with their surroundings errands and make the lifestyle convenient and the most people are also willing to do adventure sports because they also follow their habits and also fulfil their desires inappropriate manner.

Question 2. Are men more likely to do adventure sports than women?

Answer 1:- There is no space for gender discrimination in the latest sports. Earlier, women are not tasting different levels of sports, including extreme sports. Nowadays, all the facilities and gears are easily available in every corner of the world. Both men and women had chosen sports as per their interests.

Answer 2:- Absolutely yes The existence of such a sex difference might seem obvious. In the top movement, they are more considered as a risk-takers and more willing to do such kind of adventure sports without any fear so they perform all the tasks with full concertation because men genses made for takings risks in life and become happy when they being a part of them but in the term of woman they don’t like to take part in extreme sports because they have a lack of interest and not have much will power for performing these sports.

Question 3. What are some popular outdoor activities in India?

Answer 1:- There are several exciting popular outdoor activities in India. For example, football, cricket, hockey, polo, golf, tennis and so on.

Answer 2:- They are tremendous sports outdoor activities in India, and youngsters are also keen to take part in these sports activities like cricket, swimming, football and Badminton. But in India, cricket sports is quite famous as compared to others. However, this game is available for all age groups, and most youngsters take part in this game and become famous in a short time period. For instance, Virat Kohli is the inspiration of a majority of individuals because this sport offers massive benefits in day to day life.

Question 4. What do young people do in groups?

Answer 1:- When adolescents are in a group, they share different highlighted news with their fellow members. Apart from this, they take selfies, watch movies with each other and play a different game which is easily available in groups. Moreover, they shared some study materials and assignments.

Answer 2:- Good question! It varies on group strength; if the group circle is large, they definitely plan some bigger events in which they divide several responsibilities to organise that event, but if the circle is short, they definitely make some short plans like hiking trails, going plan for a movie and possibles recreational activities. At the same time, the groups of young people a quite commonly seen in India.

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