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Describe an Interesting Neighbour You Like Most

Describe an Interesting Neighbour You Like Most (1)
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Describe an Interesting Neighbour you like most

Sample Answer of Describe an Interesting Neighbour You Like Most

Well, in my neighborhood, I know many persons. Some are of similar views as I have, but some are really contrary to me. Here I would like to speak about Mr Veer, who lives next door to me. He is a great personality. I really like this person due to his amazing traits. I love the qualities like he is very helpful.

Currently, he has been working in a bank as a bank manager. In spite of getting a huge amount of salary, he never boasts of his income. By contrast, he loves to help the downtrodden people either by giving monetary help or by fulfilling their other basic needs. So I can’t think how can a rich person give some share of their income to a weaker section, especially when people nowadays don’t give a single penny to whom they know well.

Moreover, he has set up an NGO named We people. Initially, he was alone, but as the number increased, now many people have joined him. So in the first half of a day, he remains busy with his work, but in the evening, he loves to make people aware of the needs of poverty-stricken people. Also, he likes to do swimming and some other sports. I am taken aback to see that he has kept himself as fit as a fiddle. Nobody can guess his age because he doesn’t look older than his age.

I think it’s the passion of the person that has made him an energetic person. I think the person is interesting because whenever he talks to an older person, he talks differently as well as when he talks to youngsters then he behaves like a young man. So he is an adjustable personality. Besides, he also guides me in many ways.

Sometimes, I really feel depressed. At that time, he motivated me and helped me in making a long term vision. So his positive attitude for any difficult situation inspires me more, and nobody can escape from his influential personality. Everybody admires him for his positivity and energetic spirit as well as clear vision. He is above board in his dealings. All in all, this thing makes him the most.

Follow-ups Describe an Interesting Neighbour You Like Most.

Question 1:- Do you think neighbours’ are important?

Answer – Yes, I think neighbours are very important because we can feel the need of any person at any time. If we have a good neighbour, then they can help us a lot, and in the same way, we can also help them, when they have a need of us.

Question 2:- What are the qualities of a good neighbour?

Answer – A good neighbour is always trustworthy, and he must be above board in his dealings. Also, giving suggestions and help in making choices, a good neighbour is a great asset for a person.

Question 3:- Do most Indian people know their neighbours?

Answer – Well, I can’t say in this regard. If people live in villages, then they know well about their neighbourhood. Otherwise, people, who live in Metropolitan cities, then I can say that they are hardly aware of the persons, who live next door to them. The reason is the busy schedule of the people that don’t let them interact with the people who live in their neighbourhood.

Question 4:- Now that most people watch a lot of TV’s, how do you think this has affected people’s relationships with their neighbours’?

Answer – Well, people watch television to entertain themselves. People do work round the clock. So they don’t get enough time to interact with others. I think the electrical appliances are a great barrier in the interaction of the people with their neighbours. Besides, people don’t have trust in their neighbours that may be the reason they interact less and spend more time watching movies or other TV programs.

Question 5:- How should (or how can) modern people communicate with their neighbours?

Answer – Well, modern people can arrange a party or other social program on which they can invite their neighbours. So in this way, they can interact with them otherwise it is very difficult for them to have a regular meeting, but if they have a spare time like they can go for a park to do some sort of exercises and there they can interact them.

Question 6:- What are some of the qualities of a good community?

Answer – A good community is always helpful for each other. In that community, functions are organised, and all and sundry take part in it. Moreover, if any person is in trouble, then the whole people of the area help him or her either by giving money or doing work for them.

Question 7:- Do you think it’s important to teach children how to have good relations with neighbours?

Answer – Yes, it is very important to teach nippers how to behave well with others because children act upon the advice of their elders. If they are not told, then they will be unsocial with others in their later periods of life. Moreover, it is a good manner also, and it will be beneficial for them to acquire good manners at a very early age.

Question 8:- What is the best kind of neighbour for a child to have?

Answer – Well, a good neighbour for a child is one who can act as a mentor as well as a friend for a child. He must always guide the child by thinking twice because any misunderstanding or indecisiveness of a person can mislead the child. So a person must have affection for the child and try to understand his condition.

Question 9:- How do people of the neighbourhood become friends?

Answer – People of the neighbourhood become friends by inviting each other to various functions, exchanging gifts as well as going on a picnic together. So these are the ways by which they can become friends with others. Moreover, if they don’t have time, then once a week, sharing a cup of coffee can maintain their friendship.

Question 10:- What are some of the reasons why it’s not always easy to make new friends?

Answer – Well, sometimes, it becomes difficult for people to make others their friends. There may be many reasons, and firstly I can say the introverted nature of the people don’t let them befriend others. Besides, people are not trustworthy as it always said that all glitters are not gold. Similarly, persons are wearing a mask on their faces, so it is very difficult for people to identify a true friend.

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