Describe an Invention that Has Changed how People Live: Speaking Cue Card

Describe an invention that has changed how people live. You should say:-

  • What is it?
  • How has it changed people’s lives?
  • What benefits did it bring?
  • And explain if it is more important for older or younger people.

Sample Answer of Describe an Invention that Has Changed how People Live

Well, we are living in the modern era. And in this era, there were lots of inventions. If we calculate from previous through this from the past to this present era, there are many types of inventions which help people to change and which change the lives of people, like cars. But cars, vehicles, Area’s computers and mobiles and so on. Here I would like to talk about an invention. We changed the life of people.

Actually, it is a mobile phone. The mobile phone was invented many years, and it is a boon for people. Apart from this, it helps people to connect with each other. And it also helps them not feel homesick or learn less from living overseas.

Apart from this, we can imagine in the past, people used to travel alone and had to write ladders. And to their loved ones, their loved ones to reach their to reach a notification of their health and so on. But nowadays, it just takes a few minutes to ask about a person, health, or about anything.


Anything apart from these, people also connect with them with the help of social media sites, Facebook, and Whatsapp, which are also available on mobile phones. And it helps people to connect with their loved ones and to explore more.

In addition to this, it also brings lots of benefits for people who are not. Those who are not do not have any jobs because, with the help of mobile phones, they can create their videos and upload them and compute them on youtube or for a chunk of money.

Apart from this, with the help of mobile phones, they can do lots of transactions. And all the transactions will be safe and beneficial for them. In addition to this, mobile phones also help people. Click photos, which is the replacement for cameras, because the past year, people had to take cameras to their picnic sport or something else to play pictures.

But nowadays, they are clicking pictures with the help of a mobile phone. So this is very important for all individuals to use their phones because it has become necessary for them to live. This is the invention which changes people’s life.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Invention that Has Changed how People Live

Question 1:- How has technology made our life easier?

Answer – Bell technology is a boon for humans, and it plays an important role in every individual’s life. First of all, talking about the Internet, the Internet plays an important role in the life of humans to connecting people to spread the news. Or to earn a chunk of money. Apart from this, it mentions Technology also plays an important role in travelling on paper, as people can travel long distances with the help of buses and drugs. And it is all because of Technology. Apart from this, our Technology also plays in their industrial Area, where it reduces the user. The usage of humans saves a lot of money. Because in the past, people did a lot of Labour is needed to do a lot of work. But it is replaced by some machines, technical machines. So for all these reasons, Technology plays an important role and makes people’s life easier.

Question 2:- Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?

Answer – Well, many inventions are ill-use in our homes, like row boards, AI gadgets, electronic switches and so on. But the invention, which is most useful in our home, is the microwave. In my perspective, microwave plays an important role in the home like in. Books, every person can do many things, like it can cook the food as well as can reheat the food. Apart from this, microwaves also help a person to bake a cake, or something else, which is very, which is very costly on the outer side. And a person can make it at home by bringing some ingredients. Apart from this microwave, it also takes less space and indication and also does not have any higher bill. I mean to say, it does not come. It doesn’t burn more units of electricity.

Question 3:- Is it more difficult for old people to accept new technologies?

Answer – From my perspective, Technology is a bit tricky for older people because there is no one besides older people to tell us about It and how to use it. Actually, it is not about the. The complication that Technology has. It is about the person who instructs them, like the benefits of Technology and how they can use it more. In a more efficient way, for example, my grandmother is around 80 years old and uses a smartphone. Why? Why is she able to use this smartphone? Because we instruct them how she can use it to connect with us or connect with other apartments. She sometimes also listens to songs and does lots of work. So in my perspective, it all depends upon a person’s ability to learn and instruct about Technology. Of the complications that Technology has for learning. The learning.

Question 4:- What can be done to help old people learn to make use of new technologies?

Answer – We can do many things to help people understand Technology uses first, if their children need to construct a dam hub and the benefits and demerits of Technology, for example, if there is a person who can tell us how to use a mobile. Phone, like, when click pictures, what contacting with your family vans on your NDA vans, apart from this, they can also use the mobile phone to listen to songs and see videos, how it can operate. Then it is beneficial for them to understand. Technology more easily and quickly. These are the methods which can be taken and people to understand the usage of Technology easily and in a better way for elderly people.

Question 5:- Will our life be better if we live without technology?

Answer – As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think that life becomes better if we live or if I imagine living without Technology because we are addicted to using Technology. For example, if we have to do our work or have to contact. We rely on our phones or our computer to contact others or to search in the news, in the news or any particular information. If Technology vanishes, In the future or in for some time, then it will become the life more complicated to live because we are addicted as well as we are dependent on it. So by considering all these reasons, I can say that it is tough for me to live without Technology because all my workers depend on Technology. And also depend on it.

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