Describe an Item that You Receive without Any Payment

Describe an item that you receive without any payment

  • What do you receive?
  • When did you receive it?
  • How Do You Feel after getting it?

Sample 1

Well, many of us are lucky enough to get things free of cost, and it really gives us immense happiness. Whether the thing is of Rs 1 or Rs 1000/- it serves equal happiness. It happened to me as well when I got one dress free of cost from Allen solley.

It was February last year, date 10th, and every brand announced a sale at that time. I am also no exception in the list of shoppers who prefer shopping at the time of sales. I went to the market, near my house, which is one of the porche markets in the area. I bought a blue coloured shirt for my husband, and at the time of payment, a siren honked, and I was surprised by that siren. Then the shopkeeper came and told me that I could pick anything for me worth Rs 2000/- and that too free of cost as I was their 100th customer of the day. It was like a lucky day for me, and I was on cloud nine on that day. It was like an opportunity for me to buy branded dresses without paying for them.

Then I took around 10 minutes to choose the dress, and that was a wonderful white middie dress with blue buttons on it. The flares on the cotton dress were mesmerising, and I loved it, as the summers were near, so that was perfect.

When I went back and narrated this story to my husband, he laughed out and said that the company had celebrated my birthday rather than my husband, we both broke out in laughter, and the day was great. The dress was of superior quality, and I had worn it multiple times. It is best suited for kitty parties or coffee dates.

Sample 2

Well, every people have to be honest. It happened with me that I have received a product without payment it was very years ago almost in time to 12 years ago when I was in 607 standards at that time my family and I visited mall nearby my locality it was from Reliance shop mart which is the very famous company in India I have enjoyed a lot that we have purchased the many things such as some groceries and some electronic things and bag for me. We spent almost 2 hours there and after purchasing all the things we came to the cashier counter and our bill was around 3,500 after left the mall my mother said that one chocolate cost over 70 rupees was there which we didn’t pay for it and my father told me to go to the cashier and check what happened there when I visited there the cashier told me it is free for you because your bill was greater than 3,000 rupees and that cashier also gave me a small little candy because of my honesty, and I was very happy because I got two chocolate in one day and I felt on the cloud, and after that, I left the mall and tell my father that it was a gift from the mall to us and after we came back to the home and it was a unique experience for me.

Follow-ups of Describe an Item that You Receive without Any Payment

Question 1:- What do you think young people spend most of their money on?

Answer 1:- I think spending money is all dependent on the taste of an individual, and some are party animals, so they like to spend huge on parties, some like to wear branded clothes as they spend on different brands for expensive clothes and shoes. Some people like to have the latest gadgets, so they like spending on the latest phones or tablets. Apart from this many youngsters are there who actually pay off their bills and spend on home groceries considering this as their responsibility.

Answer 2:- Well in my opinion young people most have spent their money on learning skills and valuable lessons, and apart from that they can spend money on their entertainment and food but not too much.

Question 2:- Do you think it is important to save money? Why?

Answer 1:- Yes, it is really important to save money as there is no denying the fact that we do not know about the uncertainty of the future. Sometimes a person needs to pay the hospital bills in case of emergency or some financial crisis occurs. So it is always safe to play better and save money for the future.

Answer 2:- It is very important to save money because money is a very precious thing and there is a slogan called Penny Penny can make the ocean and somehow it is true.

Question 3:- Do people buy things that they don’t need?

Answer 1:- Yes, it happens many times to many individuals especially going out grocery shopping. We generally buy things which we do not require at home. An example can be extra bottles of soft drinks, extra packets of frozen food etc.

Answer 2:- Yes, actually sometimes they buy the things which day I don’t need, but they buy because of the offeror sometimes they buy because of tempting ads too.

Question 4:- Did you tell anyone after buying anything?

Answer 1:- Yes, I always have the curiosity to show my stuff to my family whenever I buy anything. Even If I buy any needle, I always show it to my near ones.

Answer 2:- Many times I have suggested the things to my friend well two months ago I suggested to my friend that he should buy by the boat companies headphone as he asked me that he want good headphones And I was using this company’s headphones for one year.

Question 5:- What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing old ones?

Answer 1:- It is a complete wastage of money, or they do not have much time for the repair, But being a member of a middle-class family, I would say repair is a better approach than buying.

Answer 2:- Well, it is dependent upon the condition of things. If it is physically good, then people can use them after repairing it, and if it doesn’t have that good condition, then it’s better to buy a new one.

Question 6:- What is the product which is consumed most in your country? Why?

Answer 1:- I think mobile phones are consumed mostly in my country because we are the biggest democracy and every person has at least two phones. So I can say that telecommunication companies are earning huge from Indian population as we are using mobile phones a lot.

Answer 2:- Well, the product which is most consumed in my country is mobile phones nowadays every people are using a smartphone, and many people are buying or upgrading the phones because they are very tired of the old one.

Question 7:- Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Answer 1:- There is nothing bad in consumerism; as the demands of people increases, so the products in the market, leading vendors and manufacturers to learn more. This would definitely help the economy to grow, and the financial cycle will run smoothly.

Answer 2:- Well, the answer could be yes and no because increasing consumerism is beneficial for or government and as well as for the company, but there are certainly many things which are not good for the people, and people keep buying those things, then it could be the worst trend.

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