Discuss When, if Ever, Capital Punishment Can Be Viewed as A Valid Punishment for A Crime

Discuss when, if ever, capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for a crime. Give reasons for your answer and use specific examples to support your answer.

Today topic is based on the death sentence, and it may be eligible for what crime? Many people have different suggestions on it, and I will discuss my views on this topic in upcoming paragraphs with examples.

To begin with, the death warrant is one of the horrible punishments in the world, and because of its fear, no one wants to discuss this. But here is the discussion of illegal acts in which death sentence is highly being recommended by people from all over the world. First of all, in most of the developed and developing worlds, many women are victims of rape crime. It is the most unlawful act against women. The majority of people want aginst death warrant against a criminal who commits this crime. For example, in India and U.S.A, every year, thousands of women are a victim of rape. So, the government should give the death penalty to rapists.

Moreover, the Second one is that capital punishment should be given to those criminals who commit the illegal act of disrespect against the religious book. Because when this crime has happened, then it affects the heart of everyone who believes in religions. For instance, In India, In Punjab, recently, this type of crime happened in the Golden temple, which is a holy place of the Sikh community, and that unlawful act affected the hearts of every Sikh. So, every Sikh demands Capital punishment to a criminal who is behind this crime from the government.

To conclude, I highly recommend capital punishment to people who found criminals in these two crimes, which I mention in this essay after proper investigation because it is not good to give capital punishment to criminals without any investigation.

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