Describe an Occasion When You Forgot Something Important.

Describe an occasion when you forgot something important.

You should say:

  • what you forgot
  • how important it was
  • why you possibly forgot it
  • and explain what you did when you remembered it.

Sample Answer for the cue card Describe an Occasion When You Forgot Something Important.

In today’s contemporary era, everybody follows a hectic schedule and always runs out of time. Plebeians usually forget some things like wallets, keys, mobile phones, and paramount credentials. There are very few incidents that happened in my life when I forgot something imperative. Here I would like to talk about a time when I forgot my interview invitation card. I vividly remember that last year during my six months of training I decided to do a part-time job in the company.

In this way, I can manage my expenses very well. In addition to this, one day before the interview I collected all the necessary credentials which were given in the instructions of the interview card. During that time, I kept all documents in my file but unfortunately, the interview card was left at the study table. One of my friends asked me for dinner so that time I left the study table and forget to keep it in my booklet.


Very next day, I was in hustle and bustle for going to the company Facebook. When I reached that place the receptionist asked me for my interview card. Furthermore, I checked all the credentials but the interviewer card was not in the file. I was perplexed because without that I was not permitted to take an interview. The feelings were not so good at that time.

Apart from it, I called my bosom friend for scanning my interviewer card then he found that on the study table of my room. Then I took relief and told him to scan the pages and send me immediately. After that, I went to the café where I print out those copies and kept them along with my other documents. What more, then I again went to the receptionist and submit my documents.

I gave the interview and got selected for an interview. That time I was on cloud nine and from that point time I made up my mind to never forget about my important things. So all in all that was the time when I forgot something really vital.

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