Describe your choice of study place (indoor and outdoor)

Describe your choice of study place (indoor and outdoor)

You should say:

  • Where do you like to study?

  • Why did you like to study there?

  • What do you like most about it?

Sample 1:-

Well, It varies according to the nature and choice of a person. But here I would like to talk about my choice. I like to study outdoor in the library near my house. I go there every day. I explain it briefly.

First of all, I get up early in the morning at around 5:30. I go to the bathroom and take a bath which refreshes my entire body. Then, I pray to Almighty for some time for the goodness of my family. After that, I do studies in the peace of morning because, at that time, no one wakes up so early. So, I can fully concentrate on my studies.

Then, I wish to my parents and get their blessings. Till 8:30 am, I eat breakfast and get ready to go to college. In college, I attend all the lectures and try hard to clear every concept of the topic related to the college curriculum. Besides, I spend time with my friends and have fun.

In the noon, I come back to my home and have a meal with my loving mother. After then I take a short nap to rejuvenate my fatigued mind. Apart from it, I help my mom in domestic works such as cooking tea, serving snacks and so on.

Certainly, I go to the Library named “Deen Library” for group study with my friends because they also come over there. This library is a big convenient for me. It brings multifarious benefits to me.

Firstly, I can borrow books from there and read it at my home. Deen Library has a variety of books that help me to broaden the horizons of my knowledge. The books related to my college curriculum are also available which are very expensive. I borrowed those books and make study notes with the help of it.

Secondly, its librarian is very kind-hearted human beings. Whenever I  face a problem to find any type of book, he helps me. Unfortunately, if that book is not available in the stock of the library, then He ordered it from a bookshop to provide to me.

Moreover, this library is near to my home. I easily go there and concentrate on my studies. My sibling also visits this library to do the study.

All in all, I like this library because of its peace. Such as things I do in my daily schedule for my studies in order to bright my future to compete in this contemporary world.

Sample 2:-

Well! I think there are many places where people to go to study more comfortably at home or even they prefer to go out any outdoor place for studying. So here I would like to talk about my favorite place where I like to study is an outdoor place. It is a garden where I often go to study.

Firstly, I visited the garden with my friends and became a regular visitor. It will not wrong if I say, I addicted to the beauty of the garden. Usually, I visit the garden when I have to prepare my exams and to complete my due work.

I like to study there because it is very quite placed. It is surrounded by trees and plants. The natural beauty of the garden attracted me most and it gives me more comfort as against any other indoor place.

Describe your choice of study place (indoor and outdoor)

Moreover, by seeing the beauty of nature, my concentration power also increases which help me to complete my work in a short time period.  I must say, from last 6 years, I used to study in that garden and perform well in my study. I also made new friends there. When I get board by study, I make some fun with them just to refresh my mind and get energy back.

Additionally, there is no one who disturb me. So, I study for 3-4 hours, the environment of the garden is very good because it is surrounded by trees, flowers which increases my concentration. So, all because of this, I like to study in outdoor place.


Question: Do you like to study? What type of books do you like to read?

Answer: I love reading books. I always like to read novels, dramas, biography and other sorts of books. It is a good source of gain knowledge as well as, everyone goes to the outside and observe all things. This way is also useful for everybody because practical knowledge and experience are very important as compared to watch videos. I also read books that seem interesting to me. This included fiction, biography, history and reference books. Nowadays, we read or buy new books online which also good way.

Question: Which one do you prefer reading or traveling?why?

Answer: It is an interesting question and a bit difficult for me but, i more prefer to travelling because, it very interesting as compared to reading with it, i go to different sorts of places and know about history as well as, collect proper information about the place. Moreover, we can get knowledge about the country history, customs and culture by travelling .

Question: Books are useful for students or not?

Answer: According to me, books are more useful as compared to anything else and, when scholars read more and more with it, they become more knowledgeable and, they collect all information easily. Books are the main source of knowledge for students. They should always go to the library and read new books with it, they become open minded and, views of any topic become clear easily with proper information.




Describe your choice of study place (indoor and outdoor)

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