Describe something interesting happened in your school

Describe something interesting happened in your school

You should say:

  • What was it?

  • When was it?

  • describe it briefly.

Simple 1:-

Although I belong to a small village named Malliana which comes under district Moga, this is a small but developing village with modern facilities in it such as electricity, water supply, a primary school, a dispensary and so on.

Even though, I had pursued my elementary education from the primary school of my own village named”Government Primary School”Malliana”. This school has good reputation. Just because of its well-educated teachers.

Unfortunately, there was no library in my school during my education session. We felt trouble in reading books and had limited knowledge then, we all students had requested to our principal to open a library in the school.

Surprisingly, our principle talked with a trustee in order to open a library so, the trustee was a down to earth as well as, very kind-hearted man. He obeyed to help our school.


Interestingly, the library was organized in our school and not only students were feeling glad but also the entire teaching staff was happy. It was a very captivating thing which has been increasing the reputation of my village.

Eventually, I and other students started to borrow books from the schools’ library and gained more knowledge by reading good books.

So, I felt proud as well as, too much glad when this change happened in my school.

Simple 2:-

Like other people, I also attended school in my study time. There are so many kind of things happened in my school that I can share with everyone. But there I am going to talk about the most interesting thing happened in my school. Well! it was about 2 years ago when I was in my 12th standard. At that time my school principal gave chance to a newcomer that t is a magician to perform in the school.

Furthermore, the day was Saturday and we all were collected in the Hall of School the magician was not of very old age. And he was a young talented person named Avneet Singh. He had completed his course just at that time.

So, he performed many activities and showed us his magic tricks. His most interesting trick was that when he disappeared one of my classmate Baljinder in front of an audience. After watching this, we were completely astonished at that time. In fact, Baljinder’s brother Jaspreet was also there and he started crying because he did not find his brother anywhere.

After 15 minutes we found Baljinder sitting among us. Upon asking, he said he also didn’t know where he was. Along with magic he also trained us to make some paper craft and flowers and some of my classmates also made some flowers in the presence of that brilliant guy.

This show went for approximately 2 hours and we learnt a number of things. I still remember I taught to my cousins and sibling and they praised me for my skill. So, it was one of interesting memory of my school days which I will never forget.


Question: what do you think happiness is important as compared to other things?

Answer: According to me, happiness is very important for human beings as well as, it is the best medicine to reduce stress. Nowadays, everyone busy in their work and they do not have enough time to do some activities or other things to remove tension and stress but, laugh exercise is the best activity to remove all types of burden. In the modern era, there are many types of TV shows such as: master laugh, Kapil Sharma show, comedy superheroes and so on. These programs are the best way to stay happy as well as, all people stay happy and search for happiness in all sorts of work and, matters.

Question: Do you think school life is best or college life?

Answer: I believe school life is best as compared to, college life because in school students are learning more and more things and school plays the main role in every kid’s life. Scholars learn basics from school and teachers teach the students in a proper and easy way. If all children have a strong base then they easily complete any type of competitions in future as well as, kids also know about how to make good friends and, they are learning about the difference in good and bad manners.

Question: Do you think seniors need less sleep compared to younger people?

Answer: According to me, everyone needs the same sleep 8 hours a per day because everyone has the working capacity. I believe all students should sleep at least 8 hours in a proper way. Well, I’m not sure of the scientific reason behind this. I just believe that hours of sleep is necessary because of my personal experiences.

Question: What courses will be added in your school?

Answer: Well, there are all types of courses in my high school because it is a well-reputed school. Perhaps in the future time, special courses such as artificial intelligence courses, management courses and so on.

Question: What courses will be helpful in the future work?

Answer: According to me, own perspectives, technological courses, artificial intelligence courses, business application and so on courses will be helpful in the future time. Moreover, advance medical practitioner courses will also be helpful.

Question: Will it be more effective to read online than books?

Answer: Well, we are living in a technological era where technology has spread its legs to every nook and corner. All the study material related to each and every class is newly available on the internet in shape of ebooks. Students feel better when they read books online because books on the internet are the cheap source rather than purchasing a book from book-shop.

Question: What do students do after school in your country?

Answer: Well, if I talking about students choice after completion of their school studies, then now In India, learners give more preference to technical courses such as computer application, artificial intelligence courses and so on.


Well, I live in India. When children attend their classes in school, then after school, they do their homework as well as go outside to play with their friends some students do the part-time job after school time.






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