Describe an encouragement given by other people

Describe an encouragement given by other people

You should say:

  • Where and when did this happen?

  • What have you done?

  • Who gave this encouragement?

Sample 1:-

Although I belong to a nuclear family which consists of 3 members my father, my mother and myself, all the members of my family have a strong bonding with each other. My parents are well-educated and we have been living our lives with great enthusiasm.

Even though I had pursued my whole education from a reputed school named Desh Bhagat SchoolIi had passed my 12th class with good percentage.

Sadly, I was in dilemma to choose a graduation course because everybody gave me pieces of advice on the different type of courses. I was feeling so much sad as well as irritating.

Luckily, I went to my class in-charge teacher who was also my favorite taught in school. She gave me good advice to take a course. She encouraged me to study according to my own interest. I said to her that computer application course is too captivating.

Lovingly, she told me about the plethora of job opportunities in computer application studies. She said to me that this is a professional line as well as, you can make your future more and more bright.

Fortunately, she talked to my parents about a course named Bachelor of computer application. She also explained its various advantages and job placements.

So, by the grace of God, my parents convinced for this and they helped to take admission in computer application course.

Eventually, I had completed this course with 82% in the first division and everybody appreciated me a lot.

Gradually by my own perspectives, giving encouragement makes your future bright as well as opens numerous doors of employment opportunities.

Sample 2:-

Well! motivation is a very necessary thing these days. It is very important to focus on your work all the time and this is only possible if you get continuous encouragement. And the same thing happened to me after completing my senior secondary.

I was in confusion about whether to continue to study in my country or go abroad for further study. But one of my friend’s father who is a lecturer in a college he advised me to do IELTS and continue my study in Canada.

I was very weak in English so I used to afraid of doing IELTS because everything is there in English. Then, my friend’s father motivated me towards IELTS because he knew that encouragement definitely works.

He also explained to my parents some advantages of doing IELTS because according to him there is a great future in Canada or Australia. And Finally after all this, my parents also convinced about this and had decided me to go abroad for further study.

Then, I went to coaching center and joined classes where my teacher was quite cooperative. Whatever the problem I got, he solved immediately. Along with that, he used to motivate me for IELTS and I suppose this is all is because of him I got band 7 in IELTS exam. He is quite good in English. All in all, I can say that I was able to complete my IELTS with bands seven-level this was all because of his encouragement.



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Describe an encouragement given by other people and

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