Describe a time of seeing interesting animals

Describe a time of seeing interesting animals

You should say:

  • What it was?

  • Describe it briefly.

  • How do you find it was interesting?

Sample 1:-

Although I belong to a nuclear family that has consisted of 3 members, my father, my mother and myself, Each member of the family is extrovert by nature. They enjoy parties, moments and travelings.

Even though by the grace of God, I love traveling to see captivating things, places animals and so on. I have seen a plethora of interesting animals in the zoo as well as on the internet. I will explain here about an interesting animal Dolphin.

Hence, I still remember that once I was searching for study tutorials of youtube because it is very easy to understand any concept of any subject through the youtube. Suddenly, I saw a video into which a dolphin was playing with a football in water. I clicked on it and saw it.

Surprisingly, one trainer was training three dolphins to do actions on voice. The dolphins were doing the same as their trainer said. Dolphins played with football as well as they took a small boat. In that boat, a little boy had sat over these. Dolphins gave him a ride in the water. That little boy enjoyed this ride.


Unfortunately, I had not seen playing dolphins in reality but I felt on the ninth cloud by happiness, when I saw a video of dolphins. After it, I had seen many videos of dolphins in which I had learned about their life, diet, age and so on.

Eventually, I was very much impressed by the actions of the dolphin. I find it is a very captivating animal because you can train it in many ways. Whenever I get a chance to see a dolphin, in reality, I will surely do it.

Gradually by my perspective, seeing interesting animals increases your knowledge and excitement. Such moments give happiness to a human being.


Sample 2:-

There is a number of animals and birds all over the world. Some of them are kept by people at their home while some are found in zoos’ or either in forests. Today, I would like to talk about a time when I see a large number of animals of different types. Well! it was the time when I visited the zoo park in Chandigarh.

Furthermore, I and my family have gone there during our summer vacations. We found there were a lot of types of animals like tiger, lion, dogs, deer, panda. There was also a small cute animal such as rabbits of different categories, rats are also numbers of types.

I played with all the small animals and also took photographs with them. But to know more information about them, we met a guide and caretaker of them. He told us everything about their categories, characteristics. Also, he told us how they take care of them. Describe a time of seeing interesting animals

For me,  one of the small animals can be my friend and I can play with after school if I get one of them to my home. I will often walk him around the part at the weekends and he seems to like this as there were different animals, so it’s hard to choose a special one. So, I can say all the small animals I had seen there were found interesting.

Describe a time of seeing interesting animals

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