Describe Something that You Want to Learn More

Describe something that you want to learn more, You should say:

  • What it is?
  • How you would learn it?
  • Where you can learn it?
  • and explain why you want to keep learning it?

Sample 1

I want to improve my computer skills. This is because I am doing different reports and research. And these kinds of tasks require manipulating and analyzing large data, making conclusions, doing reports and summaries. I thought I had excellent computer knowledge and was confident enough to solve any questions; in the meantime, I was called for a written exam from an organization in which was applied for a job, then the majority of the question have consisted of computer application workout, and unfortunately, I faced the difficulty of solving those question and immediately what comes to my mind was that I need to improve my computer knowledge and skill. I had a false sense of confidence, and this exam was an eye-opener for me.

. So, in order to process the data and get meaningful information, it is a must to have advanced computer knowledge. Perhaps, taking short courses to get proficient knowledge and skill of software application is necessary. There are abundant institutions which can provide the courses, and I prefer to study in schools which are near to where I live.

The other point that should be emphasized is that one should update his/her knowledge every time; otherwise, it will be difficult to catch up with the progress. The rate of advancement in technology and science is so fast, what was true last year can be substituted with something better today, and the method might not be ideal. Unless continuous education is in place, it is very hard to win the competition and be on track. Indeed, ongoing study and personal development is a matter of survival.

Sample 2

Learning new things are very crucial for us. Learning is the name of life. We learn a number of new things every day. Now Here I will talk about one thing which I want to learn more about. This is a dancing skill because dancing is my favourite, but I am not perfect at the dance. So that I always refused to participate in any function. L want to learn dancing by taking coaching in any centre. I joined the coaching centre, which is situated about 20 kilometres far away from my hometown. Their number of teachers are present who are qualified by dancing management. There is a number of reasons behind learning dancing skill. I can participate in school functions which are organised every year by the management of the school, and another benefit of learning dancing is that I am also able to join different occasions like Jago programs, marriage programmes and anniversary programs, etcetera. I shall feel very happy after learning dancing skills.

Follow-ups of Describe Something that You Want to Learn More

Question 1. What skills do students need to master?

Answer 1:- There is a number of skills are available there which students need to master in those. For instance, teaching skills, speaking skills, writing skills, listening skills as well, which proves so beneficial for students in all areas.

Answer 2:- It is good for students to develop different skills which are important for their school and future life as well. Among these skills, conflict management, problem-solving, listening and respecting the opinion of others are some of the useful skills that can help students and enable them to overcome challenges, be it at work or personal life.

Question 2. Is it hard for students to learn new skills?

Answer 1:- yes, when everyone tries to learn new things, then a number of hurdles have come in his life. Similarly, it can be hard for students to learn new things but nothing impossible. After a lot of practice, this becomes very easy, and they can make perfect in that skill.

Answer 2:- In general, it is unavoidable not to interact with others, and interaction among people obviously creates some form of disagreement and conflict of ideas. In order to smoothly handle this issue and meet objectives, soft skills like conflict solving abilities are crucial. For example, let us see what will happen to a meeting of students composed of more than two persons, each of them can have their own ideas and these ideas can be opposite to each other in order to make the meeting fruitful negotiation skills and listening skills.

Question 3. Is it hard for old people to learn new skills?

Answer 1:- Yes, it is very hard to learn new skills for old age people because at that age, mental ability is weak, and they can not grasp many things easily. If they are able to learn one thing, then after some hours, they forget all which they learned before.

Answer 2:- It would not be a problem for students to learn new skills as long as they have been interested and committed. Teachers and parents are responsible for passing knowledge and skills to the new generation. One of the main purposes of educational institutions is to facilitate and enable the transfer of skills and wisdom from experts and senior citizens to students.

Question 4. Is a good teacher very important for students learning experience? Why?

Answer 1:- Yes, a good teacher is like a god. Teachers play the most important role in the life of students because the life of students depends upon the teacher. Students always need one teacher who gives them good direction in their life and always guides them when they feel any hurdle in their life because good teachers have more experience of life rather than students.

Answer 2:- It is said that acquiring new skills at a later age in life is not easy, well it depends on the experience of a person and the type of skill. For example, if the new skill has some sort of relation with the past encounter of an individual most probability obtaining advanced skills might be simple. On the other hand, learning new skills from scratch for elderly people may be difficult.

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