Describe Something You Changed at Home that Saved Your Time

Describe something you changed at home that saved your time.

  • What is it?
  • When do you usually do it?
  • Why do you do it?
  • And explain how you think it saves your time.

Sample 1 Describe Something You Changed at Home that Saved Your Time

Indeed, in this contemporary era, everyone is running short of time. In fact, I am also one of those people who is quite busy in my daily routine. However, today I would like to shed some light on something I changed in my abode, saving me too much time. It is none other than a parking slot.

These days, I park my car in the backyard of my abode because there is ample space over there. Before this, I used to park my car in a park which is in the heart of my city, and due to this, I consumed too much time. As a student, I missed too many classes, which made me feel blue. Furthermore, these days, I park my car in my abode’s backyard, saving me time and money. That park charges me 1000 rupees every month, whereas now I save around one hour a day, and that time I spend on my academics, which is quite beneficial for me.

Apart from this, the predominant thing that impresses me a lot is that my car is safe in my backyard. As I am a hodophile, I generally go to several places to explore in order to enhance my knowledge. Prior to this, I used to visit the garage to remove my car from the parking, which wasted around one hour. Nevertheless, this backyard is a justified boon for me to park my car. My father constructed it because he is fond of gardening and loves growing vegetables, but I parked my car there to save time.

To cut a long story short, this change in my home saves time.

Sample 2 Describe Something You Changed at Home that Saved Your Time

As a busy person, I am always looking for ways to save time in my daily routine. One thing that I changed at home that has saved me a significant amount of time is my laundry routine. Previously, I would wash my clothes on small loads throughout the week, which was time-consuming and inefficient. However, I recently started doing all of my laundries in one large load on the weekend, which has been a game-changer.

On Saturdays, I gather all of my dirty clothes and sort them into colours and fabrics. Then, I throw everything into the washing machine and let it run a full cycle. Once the clothes are done washing, I transfer them to the dryer and let them dry on high heat. Once everything is dry, I fold all of the clothes and put them away in their designated places.

The reason why I changed my laundry routine was to save time and increase efficiency. Doing laundry in one large load means that I only have to wash and dry clothes once a week rather than multiple times throughout the week. This frees up time for me to focus on other tasks and responsibilities, such as work or hobbies. Additionally, doing laundry in one large load means that I save money on water and energy bills, as I am not using the washing machine and dryer as frequently.

Overall, changing my laundry routine has saved me a significant amount of time and increased efficiency in my daily routine. By doing all of my laundries in one large load on the weekend, I am able to focus on other tasks throughout the week and save money on utility bills. I would highly recommend this change to anyone looking to save time and increase efficiency in their daily routine.

Part 3 Questions Describe Something You Changed at Home that Saved Your Time

Question 1:- Do you believe in Time Management?

Answer – Certainly, yes, because as I am a student, therefore, time management is quite critical for me. In addition, as I always prefer to do things on time, for instance, at the crack of dawn, I exercise moving further in the evening, I visit my alma mater.

Question 2:- Why don’t people have enough time nowadays?

Answer – Well, it varies from person to person; however, I deem that these days. Individuals are quite busy in their daily routines in order to cater for their needs and want. Nevertheless, if I talk about myself, I am swamped because of my academics as well as I do part-time jobs in the food outlets in the heart of the city.

Question 3:- Is it necessary for people to relax during the working day?

Answer – well, According to me I might be wrong, but I deem that the night is the best time to relax rather than the day because in the day individual feel fresh as a daisy, and it is the best time to do work in a day as a person can easily heed on their work

Question 4:- How can people achieve a better work-life balance?

Answer – Indeed, without any second thought, there are various ways to balance work and life. The first and foremost is to make a list of work from day to night because it is beneficial for an individual’s holistic development as the person can easily maintain their life goals.

Question 5:- What do you think? Today’s technology is used everywhere. Does it save time?

Answer – As technology is escalating at an alarming rate owing to which is a really justified boon for mankind. Firstly, it preserves time if u talk about mobile phones due to online transactions. It is fruitful for me to sit at home, and I can easily pay. Prior to this, I had to wait in a long queue.

Question 6:- Do you think Planning is important for time management?

Answer – definitely yes, as planning plays a part and parcel role in every person’s life, which is why planning is so critical in time management. For instance, as I am a student, therefore in my routine, I prefer to do planning before my work, which is why I always succeed in my work.

Question 7:- Do you think children should learn to manage time?

Answer – Obviously, children should learn the ins and outs of time from their parents because time is critical in every person’s life owing to which I surmise that without time management the life of individual looks like a night moon as from my point of view the responsibility of teaching time management to a child is of teachers because they are ours first relatives as children spent most of the time with their educator.

Question 8:- How would you teach your children time management?

Answer – Well, as for me future is uncertain in future I will teach time management in various ways as I will teach them to make a to-do list which is fruitful because I also have this list in my daily routine, which work I have done in my whole day.

Question 9:- Does current technology cause people to waste or save time?

Answer – Well, that’s an interesting question because every question has two sides. I am an optimistic person; I always positively take things as current technology is beneficial for Individuals because it saves time; if I talk about mobile phones in my academics, it is really fruitful because I make an assignment with the assistance of the internet within a few hours prior to this I had to spend my too many on it due to this I can say that technology is really fruitful for me.

Question 10:- Is time management taught in schools?

Answer – I don’t think time management is arduous in school because tutors in institutes make the piece of the cake in various ways. If I talk about myself, when I was in elementary school at that time my English mentor suggested I make a list of work which is really fruitful for my holistic development.

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