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Describe something you did that made you feel proud

Describe something you did that made you feel proud
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Describe something you did that made you feel proud

Sample 1:Describe something you did that made you feel proud

I am glad to inform you about something I did which made me proud. There are several tasks that I have performed, but there is this specific one that I am very proud of. However, the task was performing an acting role in a drama at school. The drama was about the importance of traditional medicine, and the character I played was a herbalist.

Moreover, it was quite challenging for me because I’m calm and shy person who dislikes talking and performing on stage or in front of many people. My tutor and my friends encouraged me to do it and they believed that I am capable because they felt something great about me. Nevertheless, I finally accepted the role.

Furthermore, I tuned and prepared my mind to perform that role, so I gave out my all during the rehearsals. It was tough during the rehearsal, but I tried my best to train harder.

However, on the day for the drama to be performed, I was very anxious but tried my best to overcome that anxiety. A school durbar was made, which consists of our principal, tutors, other invited local people from the community, and my fellow students. I performed my role very well without any fears or anxiety, which surprised many people, especially my principal, who never knew I could speak in public as well as I did.

Also, I had many compliments from my friends and tutors, and they were proud of me because I didn’t fail them. I felt delighted on that day, and from there, I never looked backward because I can talk and perform in public at any time now when the need arises.

Sample 2:Describe something you did that made you feel proud

The story goes back to my initial work experience as a novice, and I was very enthusiastic about the work. I never timed my work, as the health industry requires a lot of passion; during one shift, I learned pregnant woman from anear by village met with an accident. She was transported to the hospital where I was working; she had massive blood loss, and she was due to emergency surgery.

There were no blood relatives with her except her illiterate old mother. They had no relatives at that time. She needed Blood urgently. Unless they buy or someone donates, they cannot get the Blood. This woman was not only poor but had language issues.

Without any second thought, when I realized this situation, I decided to donate Blood. I immediately rushed to the blood bank, and I donated Blood. The next day I came to know the surgery was successful, and both mother and child were safe. The patient received adequate Blood.

This incident brought immense pride to me. I personally felt privileged that I was present at that time and that I could help the family with my small help.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1. Which one is more important, personal goals or work goals?

Answer 1:- I will choose personal goals because personal goals are about my own life achievements, whilst work goals are for my work and I can quit work anytime. So I see personal targets to be more important than work goals.

Answer 2:- Both are important as they are intertwined. If you have personal goals, the work goals also will be incorporated.

Question 2. Have your life goals changed since your childhood?

Answer 1:- Yes, it has. Because when I was a child, I thought the path to attain something was easy, but I never knew that there were unforeseen circumstances that could change one’s plans. For instance, I wanted to be a pilot when I was young, but I am a nurse now.

Answer 2:– When we are young, we have no idea of our strengths and weakness; we live in a fantasy world. Mine was the same, but as I grew, I realized my goals shifted and became more realistic.

Question 3. Does everyone set goals for themselves?

Answer 1:- No, but most people plan and set targets to achieve what they want, as there are few people for whom parents or guardians plan their life for them and provide everything they need, especially affluent families.

Answer 2:- Some are ambitious in life and set their goals and pursue them, but many just get carried away as the days go by and settle for whatever comes on their way.

Question 4. What kinds of rewards are important at work?

Answer 1:- From my point of view, it depends on the kind of work. For instance, a President of a state doesn’t need a material reward for good work done but needs appreciation in words, blessings, and good compliments, whiles in other works, workers need allowances, promotions, and other material rewards such as cars and houses.

Answer 2:– Monetary rewards do matter, but when the leaders motivate and appreciate the worker’s input, that goes a long way. The employee feels more obliged towards work when he sees trust in the employer’s approach.

Question 5. Do you think material rewards are more important than other rewards at work?

Answer 1:– In my opinion, both are important; material rewards such as cars, money, and others boost the workers to give up their all, while other rewards in promotions in ranks, citations, and others help to encourage the workers to work efficiently. So I will say both rewards are vital.

Answer 2:- Material rewards are essential. Only words of appreciation and motivation are not enough. The material rewards may be less valuable, but enhancing performance is vital.

Question 6. What makes people feel proud of themselves

Answer 1:– I think that most people feel proud of themselves when they are able to get a job that is very tedious, and no one believes that they can do it. For instance, most people feel proud of themselves when they pass an IELTS exam because it is not easy if English is not your native language.

Answer 2:- They feel proud of themselves when they are appreciated and valued in families or at work. No person has all the good qualities, but whatever the good ones, if they are praised, the shortfalls can also be corrected.

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