Individuals Can Do Nothing to Protect the Environment, and Only Governments and Big Companies Can Make a Difference

Individuals can do nothing to protect the environment, and only governments and big companies can make a difference. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It goes without saying that the environment considers crucial except to serve the happiness of the living creatures. People could not make efforts for protecting nature, and they are totally dependent and believes that it is the responsibility of government and massive organisation which they contribute to the nation in a good manner rather than them. However, I tend to believe that in spite of facing serious challenges to preserve nature, both still hold this position firmly. A number of arguments can be presented to defend my opinion.

The first argument in favour of individuals is that it is collective and government leadership to preserve the world as safer for upcoming generations; according to them, administration and large companies must be contributed a humongous amount of funds, which are able to tackle and conserve the inappropriate earth manner. For instance, high authorities make some laws and regulations should be organised with several committees for lookout this matter and hand out with corporation with some sort of initial steps. Furthermore, laws should be mandatory while using areas near beauty spots for the development of industry and impose harsh fines and punishment can be encroach for those who litter. To add to it, authorities need to curb the feeling of trees by introducing better laws, which people easier to understand these steps are in favour of the environment.

Finally, in many parts of the world, the lack of habitat for millions of species can result in the extinction of some genera, and it can create ecological imbalance due to deficiency of constitution by the senior management. At the same time, some of the laws are implemented in favour of industries. As a result, numerous non-toxics and heavy metals mixed with the surrounding area are fully incompatible with the environment and also spoil the ambience of individual lifestyles. It is implicit that the appetite for luxury lifestyles is rapidly surged-up among the people, and they fail to remember the actual responsibility for protecting nature even if they are not spoon-feeder. The potential of spreading their several projects try to run the marvellous beauty of nature on a large scale. Such as an estimated 18 million acres of forest and destroyed each year to fulfil the basic amenities of individuals. In addition, people need to start saving rainwater, and recycling should not be encouraged by the government but should be mandatory. This practice is to try to sort out that drastic issue with both the contribution. Therefore, I believe that people also take charge to tackle the problem of the environment and serve the inappropriate nation manner.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that individuals also show their efforts for protecting the environment and make a huge contribution with companies and regimes in favour of conserving the natural ambience. Therefore, the equation might get change in future. However, one would hope and imagine that people get more aware and interact with the government to make changes in environmental issues.

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