Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work

Describe the advice you received on your subjects or work

  • Who advised you
  • What advice did he give?
  • Are you happy with the advice?

Sample Answer of Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work


Well, I accept criticism and appreciation equally. I never hesitate to take advice on any issue- either on personal or on professional issues. Recently I was advised by my mother to take IELTS for my greener pasture and initially, I was reluctant; but, gradually I made up my mind to do it. Now, I feel glad that I can secure my future along with my family. But, I regret that I had not taken it earlier. I think a man does not know what is in store for him/her in the long run. It doesn’t mean that I am unhappy; instead, I am happier as I seek many opportunities there.                   Describe an expensive activity that you enjoy doing occasionally

I think advice from older ones really work and can be beneficial in the later periods of life. Since then, whenever I make decisions, I willingly take advice on many issues and would like to seek further. I am satisfied with my decision and eagerly waiting for the outcomes and if it goes as I expected, I would be on the seventh heaven, but if almighty has thought of a better option than it, I would heartily accept that. So, this is the advice that I took from my mother.


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