In Many Parts of the World, Women Study Science and Technology

In many parts of the world, women study science and technology but do not work in these fields. What measures can be taken to encourage women to work in science and technology?

Sample Answer of In many parts of the world, women study science and technology but do not work in these fields


The Advancement in science and technology has enticed both genders men and women to work in these fields. However, it is heartbreaking to see that several women are interested to read science and automation; albeit, do not do jobs in their respective fields. They must have more domestic responsibilities and long hours. This essay will discuss its reasons and render a solution for it.

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To embark with, women have more household responsibilities and these don’t allow them to get employment in these fields. Besides, the above-mentioned areas need more commitment and females cannot sacrifice the hours that they usually have for personal errands. It does not mean that they are not committed; they are more dedicated to their work than their male counterparts, but having bundles of responsibilities makes them able to decide to opt for other areas for work. For instance, women work in those areas, where they get flexibility so that they can balance their personal and professional life. If they do a job in automation; then, it would be difficult for them to perform their other duties for their family like rearing children, making food for the family. Thus, they think, there are chances of conflicts in the family so they avoid doing a job.


To continue, there are myriad ways to motivate them to go for these fields like reducing their household responsibilities and of course by reserving quota. For instance, their male counterparts must lend a hand to reduce their responsibilities. Duties must be shared; only then, women can think to work in automation and applied science. Furthermore, family members must reinforce them; and I think these measures can help a lot to let women think to exhibit their potential in science and technology. If both genders give an equal contribution, then; a country can progress by leaps and bounds.


In conclusion, Thus reducing domestic responsibilities, little free hours, reservation quota in jobs can work a lot to get talented employees in the workplace. It is possible with the help of their male counterparts and other family members.

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