Describe the Stage/Part of Your Life That You Enjoyed the Most

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Describe the Stage/Part of Your Life That You Enjoyed the Most; You should say:

  • what part is it?
  • Where were you then?
  • What memorable things you did?
  • And explain why this is the most enjoyable part/stage in your life.

Sample Answer of Describe the Stage/Part of Your Life That You Enjoyed the Most

Well, in my life till now, I have not been many good memories or good ones. With me but here I would like to talk about a short face of my life where I really enjoyed I clearly remember up to 10th standard I was oh being student who always obeyed every terms and condition led by teacher and other students, but after completing 10th, I chosen choose commerce as a street commerce stream in 11 standards. I believe the 11th and 12th that two years are the golden years of my school life for this preference.

I have many reasons first of all at this. I got many students who were of like-minded personalities with whom I always like to enjoy. Secondly, in these two years, I was also a member of the school’s football team, and we all represented the school at the national level, where we won a gold medal and were awarded the trophy. That trophy is still available at my school. Last but not least we did a lot of things that always made us happy such as bunking from school, watching movies at friends home and playing football tournaments so altogether I can say this. It was the golden period of my life, and I believe I can never forget this and I have a lot of nostalgic Feels about this.

Follow-ups Describe the Stage/Part of Your Life That You Enjoyed the Most.

Question 1. What do you think is the best age in a person’s life?

Answer – I believe that old age is the best age in-person life because at this age people have nothing to do with their life they just look to fulfil their necessities such as food, shelter and clothes if they have all three then their life it’s like heaven because they need not do anything with any work they just sit on the table and spend the whole day while reading the newspaper or watching team apart from this they are also considered as a leader at this age, and they have a monopoly over the decision’s that prevails at the house

Question 2. What is the attitude to older people in your country?

Answer – well, the attitude of older people varies from individual to individual like some older people are very respectable disciplined and make sure they always like to help others. Their experience and maturity are really blessings for younger ones however on the other side some older people all very annoyed irritating one that complains about their family their personal matters their life and so on they are completely dissatisfied with their lives and always blame others for this.

Question 3. Which is the best stage of life in your opinion?

Answer – I believe the best stage of people life is early childhood since at this age children are free from every sort of stress, worry tension, anxieties and so on they have just one motive to survive and enjoy for this they take food and play they have food and play and so apart from this at such early age children are free from the last of money that makes today’s people more hectic and make their life more sedentary.

Question 4. Is there a stage of life that is more difficult or easier than others?

Answer – I believe the teenager has more difficulties in comparison with others as at this age they are required to take significant decisions in their life that could affect their whole future such as choosing career option plans and choosing study aspects and so on apart from this at this stage they also burdened with personal as well as professional responsibilities that make their life more sedentary

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