Describe time when something made you happy

Describe time when something made you happy

You should say:

What the occasion was?

Which thing made you happy?

Describe the time when something made you happy

Sample Answer 1

Well, everyone like to give or receive gifts to someone special. The presents always make us happy very much and here, I would like to talk about a time when I was very pleased a beautiful and lovingly story behind this. Last year, on 18th February, I gave a stunning gold ring to my mother at her anniversary and this made me very happy. Before this time, I never gave any present to my mother even I have received a plethora of presents from her.

One that time, I don’t have so much money to buy a gold ring. I have been getting my pocket money 3000 rupees per month. I just spent it as soon as I received it, to be honest, But, to purchase a gorgeous present for my mother, I decided to save money even though I did not do like this. I saved a huge amount from my pocket money. when my mother’s anniversary was coming, I went to a jewelry shop. There I saw a number of pretty designs of gold rings designs. After some time, I decided to purchase a stunning gold ring with white colored stone in it and, then I bought it. When I gave it to my mother on her anniversary. She was so surprised after taking it. on that time, I saw an elegant glad on her face. I do not have words to describe it .


Sample Answer 2

Well, In everyone’s life, there are lots of occasions when they feel happy and enjoy a lot. I also have many memories in the past that made me happy. Well! Today, I have asked to describe a moment or time when something made me happy. I am glad to share my best memory with you. It was joining letter for my favorite job that I got 2 months ago in Delhi.

I did Computer Engineering from Giani Zail Singh College, Bathinda. In the last year of Engineering, college organized a job fair where lots of well-known companies were invited. There were lots of students recruited by those companies, but I didn’t appear in those interviews due to some reasons. Time passed, I completed my engineering in 2018 but didn’t have any job. I became worried and did too much hard work, went here and there for a job, gave the number of interviews but didn’t get a job. It was about the year passed. But in June, I heard from my friend that Multinational company wanted to recruit employees who are specialist in computers.

Then, I went to Delhi and appeared for interview and submit all my documents for verification. And I came to my home because the results of the interview came later. After a week, I got a call stating that you were selected as a computer engineer and your confirmation email sent to you. When I heard this, I thank you God and jumped with joy. Because that job was in my dream company where I wanted to job. I was extremely happy due to my dream come true.


Describe time when something made you happy

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