Talk about your favorite place for shopping

Talk about your favorite place for shopping

You should say:

What are the name and location?

Why do you like it?

Why it’s useful to us?

Talk about your favorite place for shopping

Sample 1:-

Well, I belong to a developing city of Punjab named “Moga” city. I have been residing there since my childhood. There are a number of places which I like such as shopping complexes, a supermarket, movie theatre and so on.

But here I would like to talk about a building which is my favorite place for shopping. I admire this building. This place is a shopping mall named “Vishal Mart” which is located in the heart of my hometown Moga. I describe it briefly.

Vishal Mart is a three-story building. On the ground floor, persons can purchase a variety of clothes, foot wears, kitchen stuff, packed food and so on. There are some guides who help the people to find out things as well as guides inform them about different schemes in shopping complex such as buy one get one free and so on. Then,
on the next floor, you can buy children stuff such as toys, clothes for babies, footwear, baby moisturizer, baby powder and so on. After it, on the further floor, there is a restaurant named “Domino’s” as well as some shops of eatable things such as chocolates, lollipops, candies and so on. Domino’z restaurant’s food service is very good.

Some times, I go there with my near and dear ones to have a meal on special occasions. I love to go there. Besides, this restaurant’s staff also delivers food to clients’ homes. The escalator facility is also available there.

Moreover, I go there for shopping on the weekend because on Sunday, I can easily purchase different things on a 50% discount.

All in all, It is my favorite place for shopping and I like its whole building. Whenever I have no need to do shopping then, I go there for just window shopping. I enjoy it so much.

Sample 2:-

Well, There are lots of shopping malls that I visit before. But I like the most go to MIttal Mall. It is situated at Amrik Singh Road Bathinda, India Which is considered the center of the Bathinda. The mall is in a wider area and consists of approximately 200 shops with national and international fashion brands, food corner and 4-Screen Cinepelx and many more. I would like to describe it briefly.

To be quite honest, I want to tell you that I like its shops are well organized. On the Lower ground floor, it has a big bazaar, 3 Anchor stores on each floor, more than 100 outlets on the third floor. And food court in this mall has approximately of 10651 square feet, fun cinemas 4 screen Multiplex, 4 floors ( 5th to 8th) for 4-star Hotel Comfort Inn. It also has 2 level basement floor car parking capacity of 250 cars each.

From this Mall, you can buy any brand type outlets, leisure, and other technological devices. This mall is air-conditioned and has everything you want to buy. So, I must say this mall is extremely useful and comfortable to shop here. The most sold products of this market are fashion items and technological products. Each day hundreds of items are sold from this mall. I always excited to shop here.

Talk about your favorite place for shopping


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  1. Harminder singh

    Sir thank you for sharing this cue card.

    I have one question to ask you. You have used ‘have’ in the below sentence of your cue card, because there is ‘it’, should not ‘has’ be used regardless of ‘have’ ?

    ‘It also have 2 level basement floor car parking capacity of 250 cars each’.

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