Describe when You Were in A Public Place and Overheard a Stranger Talking on The Phone

Describe when you were in a public place and overheard a stranger talking on the phone. You should say:

  • Where does this happen?
  • When does it happen?
  • What was the person talking about?
  • And explain how you felt about hearing the conversation.

Sample 1

Well, I don’t have a habit of listening to others’ conversations, but sometime when people talk loudly at that time, it might become a cause of disturbance for others. A similar experience was experienced when I visited Chandigarh to attend the Rose fest. I had been waiting for my husband. I made a call to my husband to know about his whereabouts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the message due to a disturbance created by a person who had been talking over the phone so loudly that it made it Intelligible to get the message. I thought he might be talking with his girlfriend. He was proposing to her to marry him. He was so excited that in his excitement, he forgot that he was in a public place. First of all, I felt annoyed because it disturbed me a lot and the others were also looking at him, and they were making fun of him, and that person became a centre of attraction for all the people and the crowd which gathered there spoilt my mood, and I wasted half an hour there. I think people must not talk over the phone so loudly because it can disturb others and people will get the idea about a person’s life and any person can avail the opportunity. So this was the time when I heard a conversation over the phone with somebody.

Sample 2

I do not prefer to listen to other people’s conversations, but when someone speaks too loudly naturally, I can hear them. I vividly remember when I was travelling from Ahmedabad to Amritsar, my flight had a halt of 3 hours at Delhi airport. I was just sitting and scrolling my Instagram when I overheard a man sitting beside me talking to someone. Although I heard only single-sided conversation, I could easily understand that he was talking to his fiance, and they were having some issues regarding their wedding preparations. One problem was about the venue, and another one was about the bride’s attire. The girl wanted to wear a designer lehenga choli, but the groom’s family wanted her to wear a traditional sari. They were fighting about this, and suddenly the guy hung up his phone. However, after 5 minutes he realised his mistake, he called back to apologise. Though listening to this issue might feel silly, I understand that people have dreams about their weddings, and small fights are part of life.

Follow-ups of Describe when You Were in A Public Place and Overheard a Stranger Talking on The Phone

Question 1:- Some people like talking on phones on public transport, what do you think about this situation?

Answer 1:- Well, talking over the phone is a very bad idea. First, it is ridiculous to talk loudly, and the person is not considered civilized. Moreover, it gives a chance to other people to entertain their talk.

Answer 2:- I think people should be mindful while they are talking on phones during public transport because many people can overhear them, and not everyone has good intentions, so individuals should not share any personal details.

Question 2:- Why do you think there are some people who talk loudly on public transport?

Answer 1:- Well, generally, oldsters talk over the phone loudly whenever they travel via bus or train. Sometimes outside noise, as well as inside noise of transport, disturb them to get the message over the phone. Many times network issue is another problem which makes the conversation unclear.

Answer 2:- Main reason for being loud is the noise while travelling, and another reason is network issues. Moreover, when people wear headphones, they become oblivious and start speaking loudly.

Question 3:- Do you think people misbehave to strangers?

Answer 1:- Well, it depends upon how a person deals with others. If a stranger tries to misbehave with others, then the other person does the same. But in my country, people are very polite, and they welcome the people who come to ask for help, and they behave well with them.

Answer 2:- Honestly, I never experienced anything like this during my lifetime, but My friend was telling me that when she was returning from college, some group of boys tried to tease her, but luckily her parents arrived, and the boys ran away.

Question 4:- What can be done to people whose behaviour is terrible? Should you ignore it, or should they be told about it?

Answer 1:- Well, people who are not polite behave unacceptably. I think those people must be ignored. They must not be talked with because they will become aggressive and will not listen to other people. Instead of accepting their fault, they will try to put blames on others.

Answer 2:- Well, if they are not bothering one directly, one should ignore such behaviour because even if we tell them, they are not going to stop it, but if a person is trying to enter one’s personal space, then action must be taken.

Question 5:- Is it wrong to talk on the phone in public places?

Answer 1:- Well, it is not wrong to talk over the phone in public places but talking loud is a person’s fault. So talking over the phone is acceptable until it disturbs others.

Answer 2:- It is not completely wrong, but I think people should remember that they are not at home and must respect other individuals’ privacy too.

Question 6:- What are the terrible effects of talking over the phone in public?

Answer 1:- Firstly, people will make fun of them, and the person will be embarrassed at that place. Moreover, some eccentric persons make a video and upload them on social sites for entertainment purposes.

Answer 2:- Because of noise or network issues, it is possible to misunderstand the conversation. Sometimes, while talking on the phone, people become oblivious, and so many get robbed or might have an accident because they do not concentrate on the roads.

Question 7:- Why do people always break the rules?

Answer 1:- Well, people break the rules in a hurry and road rage is another issue that compels them to violet the rules.

Answer 2:- It is a human tendency that if tell someone not to do something, they get more tempted to do it. Moreover, Punishment after breaking the rule is minimal, so people do not care much about the rule.

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