Describe Your Favourite City or One You Have Visited that You Like

Describe your favourite city or one you have visited that you like. You should say:-

  • What is its name, and where is it?
  • When you visit it?
  • Why did you like it?
  • And the major attractions in this city are.

Sample 1 Describe Your Favourite City or One You Have Visited that You Like

Yeah, well, there are many cities that I have visited in the past year, but today I would like to share about one city, which is Jaisalmer. Well, this is a beautiful city that I have visited. I visited last year in November and December.

It was the very best experience in that it had a beautiful dessert. We can also enjoy a sunset which is very beautiful, and there are also many types of attractions in the city, like a fort, as well as a different type of food, Desi food. I liked it very much.

I tried every food, and there was also an extensive museum about our Indian Army museum, which was very informative. So I liked it very much because I learnt so many things that I also enjoyed camel riding and a desert safari which was the very, very best experience I have ever had.


We also stayed in tents and enjoyed the dance party at night and many more. Therefore I like this city very much, and I will also visit it in the future.

Sample 2 Describe Your Favourite City or One You Have Visited that You Like

India has many exciting and beautiful cities. The city which I love is Dharamshala. It is situated in Himachal Pradesh. I got a chance to visit it last year when I was on a trip to Dalhousie, Khajjiar and Dharamshala with my friends. It was a wonderful trip.

The journey from Khajjiar to Dharamshala was mesmerizing, with breathtaking views of the mountains. There are many religious places to visit in Dharamshala. We saw an ancient church. Then we saw a Dalai lama temple, and they followed Buddhism.

They also run a small school under that temple. The peace which I experienced there was incredible. The most famous attraction of Dharamshala is the cricket stadium. It is the world’s only stadium which is built at this height. It has a capacity of 23,000 spectators.

We also visited the local market from which I bought many souvenirs. Then we ate momos and maggie, and it was so delicious that I still miss that taste. I want to revisit Dharamshala with my family as they have not seen it, and I want them to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Part 3 Questions Describe Your Favourite City or One You Have Visited that You Like

Question 1:- In your opinion, what makes a city a good one to live in?

Answer 1:- Well, in my opinion, if the city has significant safety for the people as well as high-quality Public health care and education, education system, suitable housing as well as a good deal, transport infrastructure and I think in my opinion that these are the main factor will be.

Answer 2:- Many factors contribute to making the city a better place to live. Better career and educational opportunities are crucial. Good public transport makes it easy for civilians to stay. Another critical factor is safety.

Question 2:- What are the advantages of living in a city?

Answer 1:- There are many advantages to living in the city—for example, better job opportunities and the Maaz transportation system. We can also meet new people. There are also vast Anwar entertainment options on top of that shopping and restaurants are also more as well as best medical service possible Yeah, so that is why as in my point of you, these are the best advantage is that weird about living in the big city.

Answer 2:- One can have promising career opportunities as many big companies are situated in the city. Better education is also available in an urban city. Moreover, entertainment options like game zone, movie theatres, and gyms are all there in the city. Hospitals in the cities are advanced, so the healthcare sector is also good in cities.

Question 3:- What are the negative aspects of crowded cities?

Answer 1:- Yeah, well, the crowded city has many negative aspects. For example, Hai course living and noise pollution is the highest lack of space Dekho party hire crime rates, yeah there is also lack of greenery. Yeah, there is used traffic in crowded cities as well. Yeah, you do overpopulation in our area. Sometimes people will also feel suffocated, walking close to industries and conditions and frequently bumping into each other, which is also not good in the crowded city.

Answer 2:- Two main negative aspects are traffic issues and pollution. In crowded cities, everyone uses their vehicles, which creates traffic and pollutes pollution.

Question 4:- How can governments improve living standards in crowded cities?

Answer 1:– Government should plant more trees and build public parks to reduce pollution. They should also improve public transport so people can use it and consequently, there will be less road traffic.

Question 5:- What about air quality? What can people do to improve the air quality in the city?

Answer 1:- Undoubtedly, air quality is significantly lower as compared to the countryside in the city because more cars and vehicles are running on roads for their carbon emission rates are also higher as per my point you that first of all government should establish a strict law for the traffic as well as or we can also do sharing the car so that most miniature car also running on roads can help the decrease of carbon emission, as well as we can also use public transportation so first of all government should improve the quality of public transportation which is very important so that people are influences to go to public transportation rather than their car.

Answer 2:- Air quality in megacities, especially Delhi, is poor. To improve firstly, people need to understand what is the reason for this high pollution and then they have to act accordingly. Like they can plant more trees, reduce the use of personal vehicles and use public transport. They should not burn waste products and firecrackers, the primary sources affecting air quality.

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