Popular Hobbies and Interests Change Over Time to Time

Popular hobbies and interests change over time to time and are more a reflection of fashions and trends than an indication of what people want to do in their spare time. To what extent do you agree with this given statement?

Sample Answer of Popular Hobbies and Interests Change Over Time to Time

The paradigm shift is responsible for bringing some alterations in the choice of hobbies of persons. This is mostly due to prevalent fashion and technology that compels people to choose hobbies that make them popular, and they earn huge profit rather than opting for the hobbies they really want to do in their free time. I completely agree with it, and I will elaborate on my point of view in the subsequent paragraphs.

First off, if masses change their hobbies or aptitudes, then it is believed that they do it under the influence of fashion rather than their real desire to choose these hobbies. It is due to having the desire to get a name and fame and earn a hefty amount by pursuing these free-time activities. For instance, people choose to spend lavishly on expensive activities like shopping, going on vacations, staying in a luxurious hotel and uploading their itinerary on social sites to get more views. So by doing these things, they become famous. I believe this change in their selection of hobbies is partly due to the current prevailing fashion. People follow each other, and they do the same, so it is not the choice of people, but for the sake of getting popularity and becoming an iconic personality, they keep these hobbies.

Moreover, Individuals want to keep themselves up to date. Hobbies like stamp collecting or coins are considered obsolete. So, they choose those activities which really satisfy their spirit and give them more information. They want to flow with time. So, they try to keep every new hobby that they earlier never heard of and had never experienced. By opting, they want to prove their worth and applause of people. For instance, reading books to kill time was a least favourite activity due to technology and my hectic schedule. But now, people read books, namely novels, plays and are becoming budding writers. This is the influence of movies, dramas that stimulate them to a writer or critic instead of real want of having hobbies for pleasure.

In conclusion, In my perspective, people are greatly influenced by changing trends in fashion, and they are less interested in pursuing the hobbies that they really want to keep. They become updated and earn handsome income, but they do all out of their desires.

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