Describe Your Favourite Room at Your Home

Describe your favourite room at your home

  • what the room is
  • Which is your favourite room in the house?
  • Why do you regard it as your favourite?
  • What changes do you want to make it?

Sample 1

Well, rooms are an integral part of our life, and most individuals spend their quality time in the house along with family members. I think it could be a most crucial part for everyone and here I would like to talk about a room which is my favourite and interesting due to an abundance of reasons first of all my favourite room is my own living room because this room is already decorated with precious elements according to modern style. I also remember that time, while manufacturing the whole house, I gave a piece of advice about using Italian marble for my house because I wanted to decorate that house with my own taste and texture. Apart from that ambience of the inside room is quite mesmerising because I always spend my quality time with family members every evening. We also do a lot of extracurricular activities in this room, and one of the things my favourite is the walls of the living room is a marvel because the colour of a wall painted blue-collar along with premium wallpapers always gives a kind electrifying experience whenever he curtains of this living room is specially designed by a Japanese designer that is my favourite part and and and every time my friends and guest alike to visit my house mt first preference to show that room which I found marvellous and feel proud when they stalk the whole the rooms with the naked eye. Furthermore, it looks like a five-star hotel room with all crucial amenities. Whereas. The furniture used in the living room is quite expensive and imported, and when I feel more stressed, I would like to spend that time in this room, and I charged up it a few times some time; I often listen to songs on 55INCH led connected with home theatre. Last but not least every evening we also have a cup of coffee and watch the TV and also make some jokes. I feel overwhelmed and on cloud 9 when I visit this room in the day to day life.

Sample 2

As a kid, I used to like my tv room most because I like to watch cartoons, so I just sat on my couch for the whole day and watched the cartoon and ate lots of chips but now, as a grown-up, I like my personal room most because it gives me privacy also I have my study table and computer near the window in my room so whenever I feel bored while studying I just open window get some fresh air and start studying again. I have one small house temple in my room. I wake up early and pray to god in my room which gives me lots of positive energy. Moreover, I have a wifi router in my room, so the internet speed is faster in my room than in any other room. I don’t really like to make any changes to my room. I just wanted to have an Ac because it is too hot in summer.

Follow-ups of Describe Your Favourite Room at Your Home

Question 1:- How does a study room help a student?

Answer 1:- Well, in terms of rooms, it gives tremendous support towards student life and whenever a student already being a part of any institution and want to clear any kind of exam so I think the room is the most preferable for them because a student always find a silent ambience in surroundings because they need to more concentrate while the studying apart from that no one can disturb and they put more attention rather than a distraction. This leads to them being able to perform well in their academics. Moreover, study rooms must contain all amenities for day to day life.


Answer 2:- I believe it depends on the student because there are two types of students one who likes to study in the study room in an ideal environment, but other types of students are the one who wants some kind of noise or something because if they try to study in the study room in silence, they may sleep.

Question 2:- Do you like to study? What type of books do you read?

Answer 1:- Yes, I often read books in my quality time because that is the most integral part of my life. Without a book, I feel incomplete, so that is why I am looking for a study most preferable books that are spiritual and regional books because I will make more considerations and do more focus while reading these books it could be more beneficial for me sometimes I gather a lot of new words which helps to improve vocabulary. Moreover, it also helps to develop innovative and cognitive skills to sort out any critical situation with the presence of mind issues. This kind enhances my abilities. At the time, I was seeking random books as well storybooks, and usually, I do readings in the morning and evening because I always find a quiet ambience.

Answer 2:- yes, I usually like to study. I like educational books most, but I also like non-fiction books which can help me to become a better person. I am not very fond of fiction books. I don’t know why but I feel fiction books are boring.

Question 3:- Which one do you prefer – reading or travelling? Why?

Answer 1:- Well both things are quite compatible with me .whilst I think is a totally depend on situation which I will be seeking for sometimes during the travelling and I always carry a book like novels comics it could be a make my journey comfortable and I feel always more electrifying I never get boredom with the books and most of the time I always prefer to do reading whenever I leave for a long journey so I think it could be the best partner in my life and I think my life is easier with books in my backpack.

Answer 2:- It is a tough choice. I like both reading and travelling. I feel reading is an important part of life to evolve to know new things, but travelling is also necessary to connect with nature, so I can’t choose one I like both.

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