Talk about a subject you did not like when you were at school but now you find interesting

Talk about a subject you did not like when you were at school but now you find interesting

You should say:

  • What was the subject?

  • Why did you not like it?

  • How it becomes interesting

Sample 1:-

Well,  In India, a variety of subjects have been taught to students as a school curriculum. I have also learned several subjects during my school and college studies. Some subjects in school syllabus were difficult for me. And here I would like to talk about a subject named Hindi which I found hard to learn.

There were some reasons for it. First of all, when I was a school going kid, then My school curriculum was in the Punjabi language because I live in Punjab state. My first language is Punjabi. So, I read every subject in Punjabi except English subject. I felt difficulty in writing the Hindi language. As A result, I got fewer marks in Hindi class.

Moreover, Hindi subject was taught by a teacher named Gur Singh who was a  trainer of Punjabi subject in my school. That teacher had limited knowledge about Hindi language and even that, he spoke in Hindi very badly. Due to it, I felt difficulty in Hindi.

Then, I avoid taking a  Hindi subject during my college. But After completion of my studies, I gained a job in a Web Designer company named The Creative Minds. So, the manager of this company told me to work on a Hindi website named “”. Once I found it hard, but he taught and explain to me that how can I do it easy. I tried it and felt elated because it was not hard to work on a Hindi website.

Then, I had completed my work on and manager appreciated me.

all in all,  that was the subject which I found difficult but now I am interested in it.

Sample 2:-

Well! I read a lot of subjects in my school time and further studies. But now, I have to ask to speak about the subject that I did not like in my school time but now I find interesting.

So, here I would like to talk about subject mathematics. I read it from my 1st standard to 10th standard.  Until the 5th standard, I used to hate this subject. I was never very good at it. But in 6th standard. Mr. Avneet Singh became my maths teacher who was really polite and never lose his temper on me, even I went to ask her again and again.

Time had passed and I get my concept fully. So, I was able to understand the logic of maths and it created my interest in maths. Actually, she developed our interest by doing some maths activities and games. We would have worksheets to solve in which riddles and interesting patterns were given. He used to give chocolates to the winners. In this way, I got interested in maths from 6th standard till now and maths become my favorite subject.

Now, I teach maths to my neighbors’ children who are in 5th or 6th standard. Math is an important subject that we have learned in our school time and it is important to fully understand this because we use this in our daily life. It makes our life orderly and prevents chaos. The more mathematical we are in our approach, the more successful we live in.


Questions: What is your opinion of modern education?

Answer: According to me, modern education is better for new future and teachers to provide many types of activities as well as, a smart class with it students get full knowledge in a new way. with the help of new technology, scholars see their syllabus anywhere anytime and complete the projects online.

Question: What school subjects do you think are most important (primary school or high school)? why they are important?

Answer: All subjects are necessary for students during school. english subject is very important because it is an international language. In the future, if a student will go outside of the country and any area of own country, they easy communicate with folks as well as all subjects are also important and properly concentrate on Hindi, mathematics, science, environment and so on.

Question: what school subject is necessary compulsory?

Answer: all subjects are good for students but, environment subject is important for scholars with help of it students know about the value of the natural thing and they control the pollution and other more things . if the environment is clear and the air is pure every person live 10 years more as compares to now.

Talk about a subject you did not like when you were at school but now you find interesting


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