Explain About a Phone App or a Computer Program That You Liked the Most.

Explain about a phone app or a computer program that you liked the most.

  • * By whom you got to know about this app?
  • * Why did you like it most (describe the app and functionalities)?
  • * Did you recommend it to anyone ever since you’ve downloaded it?

Sample Answer of Explain about a phone app or a computer program that you liked the most.

There are many apps that have made the life of people easy. Some apps are used for communication, while summer used for leisure activities like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon. I mostly e use the shopping app Myntra. I got to know about the Myntra app from one of my friends. It was the time when I had to purchase attires for myself and for my brother’s wedding.

It was a herculean task for me to visit outside for shopping as I had a very hectic schedule. I had work round the clock. Show the suggestion of my friend worked well. I shopped online and the biggest advantage was that it was very easy to install and use. It saved both my time and money as it offers a huge discount on clothes.

By then, I suggested all my friends use this app because my friends love to adopt new fashion and eagerly wait for fresh arrivals. They also shopped other apps that are usually for shopping. They got good results. I still use this app whenever I am unable to go to the market for purchasing. In this way I can keep myself abreast with the latest fashion, offers that these shopping apps offer.

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