Speaking Follow up Questions Describe a Method that Helps You Save Money IELTS EXAM

Speaking follow up Questions: Describe a method that helps you save money

Question: What do young people in a country like to buy?

Young generation in our country has been impacted a lot by social media. They have access to all the information at their fingertips and they know what the latest trends are. Due to these factors they are mostly interested in buying gadgets such as smart phones and also interested in laptops.

Question: Which do you think is more important, the cost of a product or the quality of the product?

I definitely believe that the quality of the product comes first, because if the quality is really good, then people normally don’t bother about the cost. For example, Apple iPhones are known to be Premium quality devices and whenever they launch their new Phones we can see long queues outside their stores even days before the launch.

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Question: Why are imported products more expensive than locally made products?

Imported products are more expensive than locally made products because the government wants to promote the development of local businesses. Also, custom duties and other taxes have to be paid on imported goods. If the imported products were to become cheaper, then there will be no economic growth of the local businesses in our country and it will also hurt our economy.

Question: What do you think of those people who only buy expensive things and look down on other people who buy cheap product?

I think that these people buy expensive things only to pretend they are cool and show off their status. I feel that such people are vain and value material things more than relations or others’ emotions. I believe that even if someone can afford to buy expensive things, he/she shouldn’t look down upon those who can’t.

Question: How do people pay for things they buy online?

People normally pay through their Credit Cards or use Online Banking for making purchases. But now a days eCommerce companies have also started providing the option of Cash on Delivery.

Question: Which do you think better, buying things online or buying things in real shops?

I think it’s really hard to decide which one is better because both of them offer their unique advantages. For example, online shopping provides you the comfort of ordering anything in the world with just a click of a button, whereas retail shopping provides you a great experience and the ability to feel the product before making a buying decision.

Question: Why do you think online shopping has become so popular?

Online shopping has become popular primarily due to two reasons. Firstly, It’s very convenient for people to buy anything online by just clicking on a button. They don’t have to spend time on going to shops or in finding car parking. Secondly, eCommerce companies offer a lot of discounts online, hence making the products cheaper than their retail prices.

Question: How do parents give pocket money in your country?

Some parents give weekly money, whereas others give monthly pocket money.

Question: What kinds of things do people like to buy in your country?

People buy all sorts of things in my country. They buy clothes, footwear, electronic gadgets and many other things.

Question: Why do young people tend to waste money?

Young people tend to waste money because they don’t realize the importance of money, and sometimes they just want to show off.

Question: Do schools in India teach anything about financial management?

No, schools in India I do not teach anything about financial management.

Question: Why is it necessary to teach teenagers to manage money?

It is very necessary to teach teenagers to manage money, because otherwise they just waste away money, which their parents earn with great difficulty

Question: What can parents do to teach children to save money?

Parent can teach children to save money by buying them piggy banks, and by setting an example in front of them by saving money themselves

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