Frequency of Eating at Fast Food Restaurants in the USA (2003-2013): AC Writing

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Frequency of Eating at Fast Food Restaurants in the USA (2003-2013). Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Frequency of Eating at Fast Food Restaurants in the USA (2003-2013).Through a bar graph, scientists working for the United States Nutrition Ministry recently issued a detailed report about how many citizens (in percentage) frequented fast food restaurants between 2003 and 2013.

In general, they found that most customers went really seldom to those kinds of places, whereas the minority decided to go there more times.

The report showed that most of the population was not addicted to junk food. Indeed, over the considered ten years, around an average of 25% went once a week (more than 30% in 2003, 34% in 2006 and 27% in 2013), whilst around 27% went only one or two times on monthly basis (exactly 30% in 2003, dropping at 25% in 2006 and recovering at over 34% in 2013). The frequency percentage considerably declined when the experts analyzed those who went several times. In fact, in 2003, they found out that more than 15% preferred those places to eat something. This volume raised up to 20% in 2006 and finally touched 16% nine years ago. Finally, those who went a few times a year hardly succeeded at 15%.

Paradoxically (paradoxically), the researchers discovered also that those who went never shared almost the same trend as those who were daily customers. In truth, while the first hit once 5% in 2003, the latter never touched that threshold.

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