You and A Friend Recently Went on A Holiday Together: GT Writing

You and a friend recently went on a holiday together. There is a problem with the photos you have taken during the holiday. Write a letter to your friend to ask for a particular shot. In your letter

  • tell him/her about the problem with your photos
  • say which photo you would like him/her to send you
  • explain why you need this photo.

Dear Kinnari,

Hey buddy, how are you doing? I am still so exhausted from the trip which we took last week. It was such an awesome one; we had splendid moments by capturing many photos. However, I have lost some of the photographs due to my mobile memory shortage, which led to losing some latest clicks.

Thank God you, too, have captured those great snaps on your phone! It would be helpful if you resend the photos from the art & gallery museum which we visited near the India Gate, Delhi, through emails. Please avoid sending on WhatsApp as it changes the pixels of the image, which makes it a bit blurry. In order to store its original pixel, the best way would be through mailing me on my personal ID, which you’re quite aware of.

I want those photos because I am very fond of modern art, and there was a beautiful, comprehensive collection of Italian paintings to see the art with a different perspective and varied expressions. Hence I want to take for keeping memories for the future.

Apart from this, I want to frame some images as soon as possible because we recently built a new house, and I want to hang out the cutout of the paintings in my bedroom and some in the drawing room. I hope you can understand my curiosity as well.

I am looking forward to hearing from your side.

Yours Truly,

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