Hours of Work per Week in The Industrial Sector in Four European Countries in 2020

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The charts below show the figure for work hours per week in the industrial sector in four European countries in 2020. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main characteristics, and compare with the corresponding ones.

Hours of Work per Week in The Industrial Sector in Four European Countries in 2020

The yielded bar charts illustrate the percentage of week wise hours in the commercial side in four European countries, namely France, Denmark, Sweden, the UK.

Overall, it can be clearly seen that 30 to 40 hours works had the highest percentage whereas, over 50 and 1 to 14 had the least in all given countries.

For France, nearly a quarter proportion of workers work 1 to 30 hours although, 31 to 35 hours job percentage was a half. Only 12% less jober did 36 to 40 hours. Above 41 hours proportion was same as 1 to 14 had except 46 to 50 which had one-fifth percentage. For Denmark, 21% of citizens worked 31 to 35 hours while 36 to 40 hours had 70%. The rest of hours workers proportion was the same, its 10%.

For Sweden, only 3% of people did 1 to 14 hours work which rose slightly as hours rose. With the zenith, four-fifth percentage of jober had 36 to 40 hours job. 41 to 45 and 46 to 50+ had 22% and 5% respectively.

For the UK, for 1 to 35 hours, workers proportion was roughly 10%. It had the same percentage of workers in 36 to 40 hours as France had in 31 to 35. Additionally, 15% was in 41 to 45 whereas, for 46 to 50+ proportion remained same.

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