IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 ( Getting up early ) Questions With Answers

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IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 ( Getting up early ) Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 ( Getting up early ) Questions With Answers

Question 1:- Do you often get up early in the morning?

Answer 1:- Yes, I like to get up early at 6 AM and go for a walk and also spend some time meditation, so it’s my favourite part because I like to become fit as a fiddle.

Answer 2:- Yes, I prefer to wake up early in the morning on a daily basis. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated when my day starts as early as possible.

Question 2:- What do you usually do when you get up early?

Answer 1:- Almost the time, I prefer to go for a walk and also do household chores in the morning, even do meditation for 15 minutes and spend my time in a park and also explore various flower species there.

Answer 2:- I refresh myself, and then I go and hit the gym. After some time, I come back and have a good meal and then proceed with my work routine.

Question 3:- What’s your morning routine?

Answer 1:- Well, I get up early at 6 AM and prefer to go a walk and do some stretching and exercise because I want to become a fitness freak person and exercises are too important for my body, and after some time, I get back and take a shower and leave for a workplace at nine so this is my daily routine.

Answer 2:- I hit the gym then, followed by breakfast and some time to relax. After one or two hours, I start my work which I try to follow on a daily basis.

Question 4:- Is breakfast important to you?

Answer 1:- Yes, breakfast plays a significant role in my lifestyle, and I like to take breakfast every morning as a kind of vegetarian meal. Sometimes I take green vegetables along with sprouts because it contains a lot of nutrition and gives an abundance of energy for survival throughout the day.

Answer 2:- Breakfast is the most crucial part for anyone, and I see that it is important to me as well because only after I consume my morning meal do I feel so relaxed, and it energizes me too throughout.

Question 5:- Do you get up early on weekends?

Answer 1:- Not that I don’t like to get up early in the morning on the weekends. I hate them because on weekends, I like to spend all the time reducing my anxiety level, and they prefer to sleep all the time because these days are very important for me to gather the energy for various work.

Answer 2:- Yes, I prefer to have the scheme scheduled throughout the week. Some people prefer to wake up late or during the weekend, but I don’t follow such kind of a timetable, and I follow the same routine every day.

Question 6:- What kinds of people usually get up early? Why?

Answer 1:- There a lot of people who like to get up in the morning firstly some sports players like to do wake up in the morning and do some exercise and practice is to achieve their goals even some people are very punctual and like to be on time and students also get up in the morning because that the timing of schools is a quite early, so this kind of people likes to wake up in the morning.

Answer 2:- Depends on one’s perspective on when they want to wake up. My profile sees that people who have to go to their work in the morning when waking up early. Some people have night shifts, so they wake up late or late afternoon.

Question 7:- What are the benefits of getting up early?

Answer 1:- They are numerous benefits a getting up early. First of all, it maintains the live Seca dual and improves the living standard because the morning time is a quite important for people which they spend their valuable time is enough activities they like to perform because in the morning time the level of pollution is quite low and people also do take a practice of inhaling and exhaling which improves their body fitness and feel fresh in the morning which gives up abundance amenities in favour of the human body and people move freely and enhance their power without any cost.

Answer 2:- There are so many benefits of waking up early in the morning. First, they will have a proper region proper diet also we will not be accustomed to stress and other health-related diseases.

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