In Many Countries the Number of Animals and Plants Is Declining

In many countries, the number of animals and plants is declining. Why do you think this is happening? How can this issue be solved?

Plants and animals play an integral role in maintaining the environment and stabilizing the ecological balance. Despite this fact, the rate at which the presence of animals and plants in many nations is diminishing. This essay will first discuss the possible reasons for this decline and then suggest feasible solutions in detail.

It is increasingly true that adults in many countries have started opting for modernization, and the significance of living organisms is hardly being taught to the younger generation. To elucidate, in most of the countries, one could see almost every house having animals like Cows and Sheep, and plants like basil in the last century, whereas this is not the case today because of the closely built apartments and busy lifestyles of people. Moreover, children of recent generations are hardly aware of how significant it is to plant trees and preserve animals as they were merely taught in their schools. Because of these undeniable factors, the number of living organisms such as animals and plants has started declining.

However, the considerable solution to this problem seems realistic and is two-fold. Firstly, Governments in all countries must preserve the animals by keeping them in nature bio reserves and Zoological parks and should take social initiatives to plant more trees. This will encourage both political parties and normal people to take forward the social cause and increase plantation worldwide. Animals preserved, on the other hand, would attain tourist attraction. Secondly, pupils could be made well aware of the ecological system and its direct relationship with animals and plants by making Environmental Science a major subject in their School’s curriculum. To exemplify, if the younger generation is taught well about how imperative it is to save plants and animals, the rate of this organism would definitely skyrocket.

In conclusion, even if the number of animals and plants in many countries is dropping as citizens became time-poor and modernized, I firmly believe that this issue can easily be eradicated if well-taken care of by the governments and schools by saving and preserving these organisms and improvising the awareness of their significance in this world.

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