In Marriages Today, Some Argue that It Is the Responsibility of Both Spouses to Earn a Living for The Family.

In marriages today, some argue that it is the responsibility of both spouses to earn a living for the family. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is impregnable that marriage life brings numerous challenges and responsibilities every person needs to face. The world has evolved and changed in many ways, principally regarding the marriage perspective. A few segments claim that it is important to be responsible for becoming the equal shareholder to manage the pace of living in families, Whereas others believe the opposite. However, both spouses should be equally on, but there are several benefits and drawbacks which I would like to clarify that length in the upcoming paragraphs to come.

To begin with, it is implied that marriage life could not be managed by a single person even if it requires both husband and wife’s contribution to share the responsibility of funding for a home; this means if they do not cooperate, it might result in a huge impact on their lifestyle. To make this clear, becoming a bright winner for a whole family is not a piece of cake, even if it puts immense pressure on one shoulder. For instance, thousand of the words happened all across the world with the reason that both parents are unable to build a team a strong bonding and cause ample conflict and dispute which removes their understanding note further, to ensure all financial stability they gain in good economic state and understanding in one place. Some issues would occur within the stability between the two genders and are unable to maintain their wealth relationship; as a result, children would suffer from drastic consequences and impact badly.

On the other hand, in this fast and personal life, both the husband and wife are busy with intense work-life for families and neglect their children’s lifestyle, which directly impacts children’s mental health. For instance, children need sample morals and ethics in their developing stage of children are deprived of these assets. As a result, they would not survive in future. In addition, this drawback brings about mental disorders. Moreover, if parents are involved in rat races and avoid children’s space, youngsters are unable to develop skills and abilities.

To conclude, both spouses need to earn equal to handle their expenditure of families, but they also spend their quality time giving an immense lesson to their children.

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