Some People Think that The Best Way to Be Successful in Life Is to Get a University Education: Writing Task 2

Some people think that the best way to be successful in life is to get a university education. Others disagree and say this is no longer true. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Education plays a significant role in the lifestyle of individuals. Many believe that getting a university education is essential to becoming superior. Still, a few people disagree with this idea and believe it no longer exists in modern communities. However, both opinions have some solid ground to defend each other, which should be considered before forming any opinion.

The first school of thought claims that a university education is vital for everyone seeking a successful path and carrier. To be many clear, people enrol themselves in several institutions for a better quality of knowledge with the degree certificate. To clarify, the university is the best place for people to gain crucial skills and wisdom, such as communication and management skills which are integral in their lives. Furthermore, getting success from a university leads to chances of employment and brings ample opportunity to enhance people’s living standards. For instance, some massive budget companies, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and PLS solicitors, always follow their protocol to hire a candidate from reputed universities to maintain their standards because these organisations believe that students are more advanced with accurate knowledge degree from universities. Moreover, people also claim that University knowledge has to develop innovative and cognitive abilities in a short period, so they become efficient.

The opposite school of thought, however, deems that practical skills and experience make the person wealthy and professional rather than having an academic degree. In other words, some individuals pursue their education in university; they eventually become sturdy worms and are deprived of the outer reality of the world. As a result, they are only dedicated to their study and cannot manage critical situations requiring real experience. To cite an example, in the USA, people focus on practical skills instead of university knowledge because numerous workplaces always recruit a staff based on the employee’s experience and avoid theoretical knowledge. From my point of view, people also give intention in both segments which they become a successful person in their career.

In the end, it can be concluded that university knowledge is crucial for everyone; therefore, academic education opens the door to every success path individuals like to interact.

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